XANGO LLC, which offers mangosteen juice products with nutritional benefits, aims to double its sales growth in Malaysia over the next two years.

Its general manager of Southeast Asia, Tai Tolman, said despite the current global economic crisis, there are still opportunities for growth and the company will leverage on its network of distributors.

“Through efforts by our distributors to educate the public on the powerful antioxidant properties present in XanGo products, we intend to expand our presence nationwide from our strong base in the Klang Valley,” Tai said.

“Currently, XanGo has 30,000 distributors in Malaysia and we intend to double that number to support the growing demand for our products,” he said in a recent interview.

At the global level, XanGo has one million distributors in various markets, including Canada, Mexico, Japan and Germany.

According to Tai, the Malaysian market has enjoyed a 328 per cent revenue growth rate since May 2007.

He said XanGo has achieved remarkable success for its flagship juice product in Malaysia, which is being retailed at RM160 per bottle.

“The Malaysian market is significant for XanGo, being one of the largest markets for us in Asia and the regional office hub for Southeast Asia,” he added.

There is a story behind XanGo and its connection with the mangosteen fruit.

While working in Southeast Asia in 1997, one of the company’s founders, Joe Morton, was offered the fruit and he subsequently learned about its beneficial properties which led to the creation of XanGo’s juice product.

“He found out that the mangosteen had been used for centuries in various ways to promote healthy living,” Tai said.

He said that through scientific research, the company has managed to package the mangosteen’s nutritional qualities into its juice products.

XanGo’s chief executive officer Robert Conlee said a new skincare product range made from ingredients of the mangosteen fruit had been launched recently in the United States and Canada.

“The new product range will be available in Malaysia in early 2010,” Conlee said during his visit to XanGo’s corporate office in Kuala Lumpur.

“The US is the largest market for us while the European market is a strong base for our products,” he said.

Conlee said the US is the base for the final processing and quality control of XanGo’s products while Southeast Asia is the base for the sourcing of raw materials consisting mainly of mangosteens.

In line with XanGo’s global expansion, a new office will be opened in Mexico this year, he said.

The company has offices in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong while its main headquarters is in the US. – Bernama

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