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XANGO the Original Mangosteen Juice

But first a short introduction to Mangosteen….


Is Mangosteen Juice Safe and Effective?

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Don’t fall for cheap supermarket copies!

#XanGo is the first and ORIGINAL Mangosteen Juice Beverage patented to use the WHOLE FRUIT not only concentrate or parts or whatever other companies mix in their cheap knock offs. 

Some companies such as NanoXan claim to use the whole fruit, but that is simply a LIE they have no patent they have no rights to use the whole fruit and simply writing it on the label of a bottle doesn’t make it RIGHT. 

It’s  misleading the customer!

Quality has its price so when you buy a cheap #Mangosteen beverage from the supermarket the only person you are ripping off #HealthWise is the one you see in the mirror ~ nuff said!

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XanGo Original Mangosteen Juice


XanGo the Original Mangosteen Juice Patent

After five years of endeavor, lawsuits and incredible hard work, XANGO LLC was proud to announce that their legal team had finally secured a patent for their XANGO® Juice bottling process. The announcement was made during the recently concluded BOLD 2013 International Convention that started on September 26 and ended on the 28, 2013 that was held at the Salt Palace Convention Centre in Utah.

According to claims made by the company, the world did not know how to make the mangosteen pericarp palatable enough for everyday use and that no one knew how to get the maximum benefit out of the whole mangosteen fruit. The team who founded XANGO LLC along with scientists and medical researchers got to work and the juice was thoroughly researched, tested and tested and finally they succeeded in the production of XANGO® Juice.

The product profile found on the company’s website describes XANGO® Juice as “the category creating” product that was built around the power of the mangosteen. The juices proprietary puree formula uses the whole mangosteen fruit, from its dark reddish purple nutrient-dense rind to the white fleshy pulp, through which all of the mangosteen health benefits are delivered as nature intended. Mangosteen is referred to by scientists and medical researchers as Garcinia Mangostana. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia and is said to contain 39 known xanthones and the majority of them are found in the pericarp of the fruit.

U.S. Patent No. 8,524,285.

Throughout the history of the country, new products have been invented, new uses for old products have been discovered and employment opportunities have been created for millions of Americans. According to the USPTO, the US economy depends directly on the effective mechanisms that protect new ideas and investments in innovation and creativity.

The benefits of obtaining a patent for XANGO® Juice are readily apparent. This new asset protects XANGO LLC from unscrupulous individuals who could benefit from the companies hard work. It is registered under U.S. Patent No. 8,524,285.

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