XanGo South Africa Anniversary

Congratulations XANGO on your First Year Anniversary of XanGo South Africa! What an extraordinary year it has been!


XANGO South Africa officially opened it’s doors in South Africa on 29 October 2011. And today, one year later, we are one of the fastest growing markets for XANGO around the world.

The journey to its historic spot in the industry started in Southeast Asia in 1997, when Joe Morton sampled a local delicacy, the mangosteen, which residents called the queen of fruits. Its flavour burst in his mouth—crisp, cool and sweet while slightly tart.

Joe was no stranger to botanicals. His mother ran a health food store, and his father managed Canadian operations for a pioneering natural health company. But the mangosteen was new to him. He learned that Southeast Asian civilizations had traditionally eaten the mangosteen to combat the effects of dysentery and diarrhea. They also used it topically to treat skin disorders.

Joe was intrigued, and when he returned home, he pulled together his brother Gordon and colleague Aaron Garrity to share his insights. The three immersed themselves in mangosteen research. The stacks of impressive documents and scientific studies they discovered convinced them that the mangosteen was a rich source of incredibly powerful antioxidants. Yet mangosteen products were unheard of in the United States. To the three entrepreneurs, that spelled opportunity.

“There’s only one chance to be first to market,” Joe Morton recalls. “This was it. When you’re first to market, everyone compares themselves to you, the original.”

They recruited business experts Gary Hollister, Kent Wood and Bryan Davis to help them get the company started. In September 2002, they launched throughout the United States with a single product, XanGo Juice, and soon expanded into Canada.

“Right from the beginning, we had a feeling,” Morton says. “People would show up on our doorstep wanting to know more about the product.”

Demand increased quickly. The number of distributors was growing at a dizzying rate. Soon, the founders started hearing personal stories from people who were seeing great benefits from drinking XanGo Juice which increased their excitement and commitment to distributors who were making the company such a huge success.

In addition to its distinctive product line, unique culture and attention-getting branding programme, XANGO shows its commitment to distributors by providing them with a compensation plan that delivers a true 50% payout on every product. They expand on that commitment in tangible ways every year. The result: XANGO now does business in 44 countries, has created over 100 millionaires in ten years of business and has generated over $2 billion in cumulative revenue.

XANGO has a young, fresh and aggressive approach that carries over into everything they do. There simply is no other company out there like them.

“We’re determined to carve out the path in this new generation of network marketing,” says company Founder, Anton Garrity.

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“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain.”


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