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State of the Mangosteen Category: 2008

XanGo CEO: “As the mangosteen market grows, leadership means setting new research standards, product innovation and ground-breaking brand-centric marketing”

Statement by Aaron Garrity, CEO of XanGo, LLC

LEHI, UT – Mar. 14, 2008 – The mangosteen is leading the race in superfruits and healthy foods, according to the 2008 Packaged Facts Food Flavours and Ingredients Outlook.  XanGo LLC, the company that created the category when it introduced XanGo® Juice to a global market in 2003, continues to dominate the space, leading the category with more than 80 percent of market share*.

Setting scientific research standards

With scientific partners that include Northridge, Calif.-based Medicus Research, Weber State University and leading independent laboratories, XanGo is spearheading the scientific exploration of the whole mangosteen fruit through a tiered approach based on safety, standardization and efficacy.

As awareness and consumption of the mangosteen has increased worldwide, so has the need to better understand the fruit’s most prominent phytonutrient, xanthones. Through XanGo’s leadership, independent researchers have established a credible scientific method for testing and measuring xanthones.

Now, through this peer-reviewed, published study, category participants and consumers have a more consistent and reliable method of measuring and marketing mangosteen products relative to xanthone content claims.

A pre-clinical, preliminary 28-day study of XanGo Juice by Charles River Laboratories of  Montreal identified the bioavailability of xanthones to determine how many xanthones are actually absorbed and the pathway they travel. Study director Susan McPherson, MSc, senior research scientist at Charles River Laboratories, said preliminary research findings demonstrate that the proprietary whole fruit formula in XanGo Juice leads to high levels of xanthone absorption.

Ongoing research shows high absorption of xanthones in defined dosages, with elements of the whole mangosteen fruit as a delivery vehicle. Unnaturally elevated levels of xanthone consumption actually were shown to result in decreased absorption efficiency.

Research shows artificially inflating or manipulating a product with xanthone extracts may not add any value. The mangosteen presents more value in its whole fruit form, as presented in XanGo Juice. There are many other phytochemicals found in the fruit that have beneficial effects, which are lost in extraction or jeopardized when the natural balance of the fruit is manipulated.

It’s better to respect the mangosteen as nature intended.  And honor the true definition of “whole fruit” usage.  If you say it, you should mean it.  Whole fruit is a promise and consumers want that access to the mangosteen.  In keeping that promise, XanGo launched the leading consumer resource for mangosteen science,

Consumers deserve product innovation

In a new era of consumer demand for the mangosteen, millions around the world are looking for access to the astonishing mangosteen fruit in a variety of fresh product vehicles. Consumers everywhere are clamoring to make the mangosteen a part of their active and healthy lifestyles.

During the past year, XanGo expanded the global reach of the category through expanded access to our flagship product, XanGo Juice to nearly one million distributors who operate now in more than 20 countries and territories.

Last spring, XanGo introduced XALO™ into European markets, where interest and sales have soared. XALO’s formula combines the acclaim of aloe with the mangosteen to offer consumers a combination of great taste and vibrant nutritional benefits in a complete and complex functional beverage. Through this proprietary blend of some of the world’s most celebrated botanicals, consumers may receive the following nutritional and antioxidant benefits: support of digestive health; revitalization and regeneration of healthy skin; improvement in proper absorption of vital nutrients; and a boost of natural energy levels.

In January, XanGo launched the XanGo Single, a one-ounce single-serving package of XanGo Juice allowing consumers the ease of carrying their recommended daily serving with them throughout the day.
New research shows the effectiveness of the mangosteen and xanthones in skin health and nutrition.  Performance from mangosteen properties proved effective in improving age-related changes in the skin as well as enhancement of skin texture and touch.  Another study demonstrated the mangosteen’s antioxidant punch in taking on acne-producing bacteria.

Later this year XanGo will launch a product line Glimpse, Intuitive Skin Care. GLIMPSE by XanGo is built to respond to specific skin care needs with an intelligent xanthone formulation that puts the green power of the earth at your service.  GLIMPSE will feature a revolutionary, patented xanthone formulation that only XanGo can create.  XanGo developed our exclusive xanthone formula for GLIMPSE through scientific exploration and advanced skin nutrition technology.  Keep watch for more news on Glimpse at

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