By Randy Gage

August 24th, 2009

I see a fascinating trend in network marketing over and over. The myth of the dynamic, all-powerful team leader.

Where the mythological part comes in is their belief that by being the ultimate leader they will create growth on their team. Invariably the opposite happens. They become the “helicopter sponsors” I discussed in an earlier post who hover over their people, doing everything for them.

If I could give you one million dollar piece of advice on building a large group it would be this:

True leaders don’t develop people’s belief in the leader; they develop a belief in the follower.

And that is what you must do. Of course to make this work, you must first have developed a belief in yourself. And ironically, a lot of times this doesn’t happen with people until their sponsor or a strong-arm leader in their upline leaves for another company.

Sometimes these hovering leaders suck all of the oxygen from the room. Everyone follows them blindly, waiting to be told what to do. And when they leave, some of the people behind freeze and do nothing. But others step up and become leaders in their own right; moving forward into their own greatness.

You need to believe in yourself and step up and lead your team. But you should be leading them into becoming leaders themselves.

Remember your ultimate job is to work yourself out of a job. So how are you doing on this?


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