Most of the teachings of the law of attraction will tell you to ask for what you want and then believe that your request has been answered. However, this is where many people get stuck. We may say things like, “I asked and nothing happened.” “Why isn’t this working for me?” “Why doesn’t God (The Universe, Source, Buddha) love me as much as everybody else?” “I’m just not one of the ‘lucky’ ones.”

It is these very thoughts which lower our vibration and block our ability to receive or allow what we have asked for into our physical reality. But this does not mean that our request has not been answered. It’s just having a hard time getting through all our negativity and contradicting thoughts.

Also, if you are thinking “I’m just not one of the lucky ones,” then this becomes your request to the Universe and your request is granted. What shows up in your experience is being “unlucky”.

We can influence our friends, children and teenagers to believe that they are one of the lucky ones, because everyone is one of the lucky ones. There are no exceptions to the law of attraction. This law affects everyone equally.

Some people actually share the law of attraction with their children from the moment they are born. Imagine if you were told of your unlimited nature from the time you landed on the planet Earth, right out of your mother’s tummy?

Teaching The Art of Letting Go

You can explain the art of “letting go” to others this way (when they are at the age where they can understand): If you went to a restaurant and ordered a large order of French Toast, would you sit there worrying that the cook was going to forget your order? Would you say things like, “The cook never gives me what I want.” “Why is everybody else getting what they ordered except me?” “I guess I’m just never going to get my breakfast.” Or would you simply place your order happily and await its arrival?

True, your breakfast may not always arrive as quickly as you would like…but the more you complain about how long it takes, the more you block what you want from coming into your life.

In Mike Dooley’s book, Notes from The Universe, one of the notes says:

“Here’s a little workshop on how to manifest absolutely anything . . .

1. “Ask” once.

2. Give thanks often.

End of workshop.”

We often think that we have to ask for what we want over and over again because the Universe might forget what we asked for.

Visualizing is a form of asking. Visualize every day because it raises your vibration, not because you need to remind the Universe of your deepest desires. The Universe is more aware of what you want and what you have asked for than you are.

If what you asked for has not yet manifested in your life, all it means is your energy or vibration does not yet match that of which you have asked for. A simple way to raise your vibration is to keep thinking better and better thoughts. Try thinking of 10 things you are grateful for before you go to sleep and before you wake up. That will definitely raise your vibration (which is the same thing as raising your level of happiness). And the happier you are, the higher your vibration, and the easier what you have asked for can now show up on your doorstep.

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