The world is changing rapidly. The old ways of doing business and the traditional methods of selling have been shattered over the past decade and are being replaced. The industries that did not exist 20 years ago have sprouted and grown at such a rate, and have achieved such success, that what was true in business just a few years ago, seems quaint and outdated. The reason for this sea of change? The Internet.

It is not an overstatement to say the Internet is one of the greatest inventions man has invented and the possibilities of what it offers are just beginning to be explored. It has completely altered the landscape of business, communications, finances, and media. The old saying that, “It’s a small world,” has never been truer. Each passing year, more people are becoming connected, more industries are being created, and more money is being invested in online ventures.

Network marketing and MLM (multi-level marketing) have their roots in the oldest type of sales, direct, face-to-face selling. In fact, most business transactions throughout history have resulted from this type of selling. Only in modern retail society have people been able to enter a store, pick out what they wish to buy, and purchase it, almost without speaking with anyone. Before, most sales were done in an open market environment, or by itinerant salesmen who spent the majority of their lives on the road, selling door to door.

Network marketing, at its inception, sought to take this form of sales and improve upon it. It allowed people, such as stay at home mothers and housewives, to have their own independence and own their own businesses. The model for many years was hosted parties, where friends and neighbors would get together for a dinner party and at some point the selling would be done. This method harkened back to the roots of sales, and for some people, was successful.

The idea of bringing a sales model that is based in tradition and personalization, with a modern communication tool such as the Internet, may have struck some as an unholy match a few years ago. In fact, the joining of these two phenomena created a monster, and one which grows stronger each year. It is safe to say that online network marketing has been a rousing success.

The face-to-face aspect of network marketing has been replaced by screen-to-screen selling, which at first may seem impersonal, but when you think of the ease with which a video conference can be arranged, or how much work went into physically visiting each customer to try to make a sale, you start to see the power of online network marketing. Mass communication and strategic advertising are now an integral part of the process. Efficiency and targeted marketing has replaced the older methods of advertising in newspapers, flyers, by word of mouth, and through direct mailing programs.

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