Currently, the functional foods industry is about a $200 billion a year industry (in US dollars). It is huge, even enormous by most standards. Within the next decade, it is projected to hit the trillion-dollar mark. This is largely due to the fact people all over the world are becoming more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A breakthrough product like XanGo® Juice, by default, creates a breakthrough business opportunity — an opportunity for the taking. The amount of people drinking XanGo Juice creates an exceptionally large and expanding market for selling XanGo Juice.

the fastest growing home business in history

There are a handful of key components that make XanGo the most respected business opportunity in the industry:

    • XanGo Juice—XanGo Juice combines sensational flavor and superior health benefits.
    • Mangosteen—The goodness of the whole mangosteen fruit includes a wealth of nutrients, including powerful antioxidants: xanthones.
    • XanGo, LLC—With an executive dream team, a perfectly crafted brand and world-class events, XanGo is a company that breaks every record.
    • Your XanGo Future—No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it—freedom, innovation, creativity, success, independence, health, flavor, energy, it’s all there.
    • XanGo Gives—From day one, XanGo has been committed to charitable giving.

The Perfect Product, XanGo Juice is:

    • Readily available—XanGo secures a plentiful and quality-controlled supply of mangosteen from various markets to ensure stability and diversification.
    • Tried and tested—Mangosteen has been consumed and trusted for literally hundreds of years.
    • Sensational flavor—The whole mangosteen fruit is the perfect combination of sensational flavor and proven health benefits.
    • Universal—Mangosteen is suitable for everybody.
    • Fresh—Although it’s a time-tested favorite in Southeast Asia, mangosteen is fresh and new to the rest of the world.

Beyond the proven product, there is that undeniable allure of financial and calendar freedom that a XanGo business presents. Be the one that says when you do it, how you do it and where you’re going to do it. Report to yourself and not to someone else. Start your own business and have an incredibly low start-up cost. Thirty-five dollars enables anybody to begin.

Through XanGo businesses worldwide, there are thousands and thousands of people making money, enjoying the dignity and luxury of doing it from their own homes. You have the satisfaction of knowing, for once, that you can build something that will be yours, something that will stay. That’s the XanGo opportunity. Feel Free to visit our website and take the FREE Video Tour

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