…or another classic example how MonaVie is just doing whatever it takes to blind, manipulate and lie to get people into their deal.

Look, I was hoping I could generally avoid singling out individual companies when doing my analysis. But lately I’ve received so many confused comments & emails from apparent MonaVie distributors regarding the Inc. 500 list that I’ve got to clear up some things for them. I’ll try not to be unkind…

Within this site’s comments you’ll find the following,

Do you also think the INC magazine top 500 companies (in the September issue) list is also bologna because MonaVie is the only mlm that made the list. Should we also be calling that publication a bogus, bias, poorly researched and invalid lie?

And you’ll also find this gem,

When was this research taken?? Because the September addition of the Inc. 500 magazine (The annual report of the fastest growing private companies in America) states the ONLY nutritional beverage to rank was MONAVIE! Placing #1 in the Food & Beverage category, #3 in Revenue and #18 OVERALL!!  GO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT YOUR STATS.

If I were a MonaVie distributor, when I first heard about the Inc. 500 list placement I’d tell all my prospects about it. But after that I’d probably:

  1. actually go read about it
  2. figure out that it only includes private companies that proactively submitted their own annual revenue numbers
  3. think to myself, “Oh, well. I guess it’s better to be on it than not on it.”
  4. just keep it to myself because I didn’t want to be dishonest and manipulative by ever implying that MonaVie somehow “beat out” any other MLM companies since it appears that MonaVie was the only one who submitted their info

Just about the same process would apply to leveraging my company’s placement on a MLM Top Earners List: A) get excited, B) ignorantly tell others, C) finally learn the facts, D) and then keep it to myself because I want to be able to live with myself.

I just thought of another motivation for keeping it to yourself. What if you attracted an intelligent team member/distributor/customer who likes to read and learn facts for themselves? What if they actually read Inc. Magazine’s methodology (<- notice that link) and figured out you were either deceitful or ignorant? Either one is bad, right?

And can you image an intelligent new recruit actually looking at, and then analyzing, the methodology behind the creation of a Top Earners List? Their trust in you would be pretty well shot. You don’t want that.

Courtesy of http://www.mlmanalyst.com/

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