Monavie and their distributor have no shame, respect or ethics when it comes to expanding their business.

Latest example happened in my own organization, a guy by the name of Meck Oplt who was in my XanGo group for 2 years decided to join Monavie here is what he did, be aware of this person he is a stealer a user and don’t trust him with any kind of personal information or ever give him your credit card data.

In MLM people come and go and thats ok there is nothing wrong with leaving an organization / company if you believe you will be more successful with another company. Now there are many ways of leaving your “old” company, good ones and bad ones and then there is the very bad way to do it.

In this example the distributor that left the xango orgainization decided to simply copy the addresses of his old downline from his XanGo backoffice and then register some (40+) most without written or verbal permission for the new MonaVie network.

Now I don’t know about you, but in germany where Iam from the abuse of personal information is a serious violation. Imagine someone using your personal data and simply register you for some network that you have never heard of or want to be involved with. Alone the fact that this Monavie Distributor is jeopardizing the others (still registered in XanGo) career has obviously not come to this persons mind.

The Free Monavie Membership is also misused, Iam sure it is not the intention of the company to launch a free sign up promo so that distributors go out and register every person in the phonebook or every tom, dick and harry.  Monavie has been informed about this distributor and his “criminal” unethical working methods and they promised to act.

Let’s how fast they will do it, if you are a XanGo distributor and you UPLINE has joined Monaive then don’t be surprised if you find your name in the Monavie MLM system, the only way to stop “stupid” distributors like that is to inform the company, inform the DSA and cancel your application.

Apart from that the distributor mentioned in this case is also misusing X1Concept domains and forwarding them to Monavie, breaking copyright and Trademark rules. This person really has no idea what he is getting himslef into!  I can only warn everybody in Malaysia to join Monavie, they do not have any office in malaysia at this time but of course say they will soon, which is probably a lie or a trick just like everything else they do. The products are imported illegal via singapore and authorities will be alarmed.

Stupid people like these are bad for the MLM industrie, long term thinking is basicaly nonexistend in those peoples mind. Be aware of misleading information, bad sales pitches and misuse of your personal information is all these gentleman have to show for. That person failed in Herbalife for 15 years, owing people money, he didn’t make it in XanGo and guess what, he is on the way to failing BIG time in Monavie as well. Thinking that you can go anywhere in life with working ethics like this person has can lead to nowhere then a dead end.

If you feel your personal information has been misused contact or

Make sure you explain in detailed what happened.

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