Just wanted to pass this along to you because I wanted you all to hear first hand WHO the TOP income earner from Amway is FIRST!!!. I did not want you AND YOUR TEAMS TO HAVE TO WAIT TO FIND OUT. When Ryan and I were in Hawaii for the Trip paid for by Xango, in June, Tommy Johnson, shared some great insider information with us, we knew who he was, but this Gentleman was under a HUGE non compete with Amway, which Offiicially ended TODAY! We could not say anything until now!!!!



It is LENNON LEDBETTER! ( go to www.youtube.com and click on 2 videos already up, when you type in his name)

Now, who is Lennon? Well, and here comes some information from TOMMY JOHNSON TODAY as he just flew back from corporate headquarters in UTAH just now.

Lennon is in his forties, and has never had a W2 job. He was brought into XANGO by Premier Select, Justin Prince. I’ll fill you in on more of that in a minute.
He got started in the industry in his 20’s and was mentored by the 2 founders of Amway, and by none other than the TOP INCOME EARNER in AMWAY……Dexter Yager!

He is the 2nd or 3rd, IT IS ONE OF THOSE FOR SURE, TOP INCOME EARNER, not in AMWAY, but in all of NETWORKMARKETING. He generated over $800,000 PER MONTH, while in AMWAY, making him BIGGER than DOUG WEAD!!!!! He has generated over 100 MILLION dollars in Network marketing, in AMWAY…..To put that in perspective, it has only been done a few times!

$800,000 per month, Our top income earner, SHERMAN UNKEFER makes over $300,000 per month. Now Lennon has been in AMWAY over 30 years also!


Now some juicy details…………………….

LENNON was offered over $50,000 per month and a multi million dollar sign on bonus to join………………………………..MONAVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He declined, since that time, and when companies found out he was a free agent again, he has been made offers by OVER 40 OTHER COMPANIES, all willing to pay him MILLIONS!!!!! He declined all OFFERS!

He studied all 40 companies, and decided that if XANGO was good enough for DOUG WEAD, that he needed to take a HARD SERIOUS look at XANGO!

A YEAR AND A HALF LATER, HE MADE THE DECISION TO leave AMWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With it, he left his check, started from scratch, will GET no SIGN ON BONUS from XANGO, and paid his 35.00 like the rest of us! HE LEFT AMWAY WITH NOTHING> He let his ex-wife keep 100% of everything, and is starting COMPLETELY OVER again.

He is NOT ALLOWED, because of a different part of the non compete he still has with AMWAY, to bring ANYONE from AMWAY with him….That NON COMPETE will last another 16 months, as to AFTER that…..everyone from Amway will be fair game!!!!!!! AND flocks of Amway people will come in just because of who he is!!! He is getting bombarded DAILY with hundreds of calls asking him “WHAT COMPANY ARE YOU JOINING?”

XANGO closed down corporate yesterday for 3 hours, and had a skeleton crew, take care of all incoming orders, while EVERY single one of XANGO”S employees had a huge reception welcoming LENNON to XANGO, which is where Tommy was when we chatted this morning.

ALL NEWS STATIONS WERE THERE, as we all know that Utah is the largest HUB for Network Marketing!

The press releases you will see over the next few days will be OVER WHELMING, and as Tommy put it, ROCK THE ENTIRE WORLD OF NETWORK MARKETING, as over 40 companies, IE: NEW SKIN, MONAVIE, etc…..all watch him make his choice to join XANGO without a penny in bribes to do so!!!!!!!!

He will be the Key note speaker in FLORIDA at the Regional, and he will make his Debut in ARIZONA for SUMMER SURGE!

This News will be VERY DEVASTATING for AMWAY corporation, as they have already lost 2 of their top 4 income earners to XANGO, Doug WEAD’S positon was only reached by 10 other distributors in all of AMWAY”S history.

Lennon will reside in Phoenix AZ, his ,main home, and will be doing open opportuntiy meeting every week!

He is expected to already be a 5k, and he has only been signed up about 2 hours!!!

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