A lot of people misunderstand that achieving goals has nothing to do with being perfect...

Mistakes are a continuous part of the process, and then learning from those mistakes without getting hung up on what has just passed. Those who repeatedly achieve what they set out to accomplish simply stick at it, the roll with the punches and the ups and downs… even if it takes a few years to see something through that they thought might take months.

They keep their mind on what it is they wish to contribute, become, create and have. They constantly evolve because of it. These people are often misunderstood for being arrogant when, in fact, they are not ashamed of who they are, shortcomings and all—they don’t live in guilt but rather, focus on the outcomes they would like to see and grow from their mistakes along the way. Next time you hear someone talking badly about someone who achieves (President, CEO, athlete), remind yourself before you plug into that conversation… it’s not about what ‘they are doing…’ it’s about what YOU are doing.


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