Intuitive skincare
By: by Soo Wern Jun (Mon, 29 Mar 2010) The Sun Newspaper Malaysia

SLAPPING on all sorts of skincare products on your skin simply because they smell good or when a product’s packaging is attractive is something which we are all prone to doing. Be it a simple cleanser, our daily moisturiser or even a bottle of toner, we are not aware of how some of these products could harm our skin.

“By creating Glimpse, we are not saying that it is the skincare product for all of us as our skin have different needs and this new line of skincare products is simply formulated to help those who  have had problems with non-organic ingredients,” explained XanGo Senior Vice President and architect behind Glimpse, Beverly Hollister.

“If you are familiar with the benefits of green tea, the BioActive X3 Complex found in Glimpse  comprises three exclusive xanthone-rich ingredients that contain 30 times more antioxidant potency than green tea, according to Japanese in-vitro studies. Those same studies demonstrate that BioActive X3 Complex has been shown to calm the signs of inflammation, promote natural collagen production and protect the skin against the oxidising effects of free radicals,” added Hollister.

Glimpse skincare additionally is intuitive, featuring self-adjusting formulas to address your skin’s ever-changing needs. The more you use Glimpse Skin Care, the better it works for you.

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