I hope you enjoyed my last blog post and maybe learned something new.
In today’s blog post I want to talk about how to evaluate the immediate
effects of mangosteen juice.

You can use this procedure to

– Gain assurance that mangosteen can help you
– Discover how quickly mangosteen can begin to affect your body
– Preview how and where mangosteen may help you first
– Find out if your body will react unfavorably to mangosteen juice
– Test your personal level of body awareness and sensitivity

How to evaluate the immediate effects of mangosteen:

1. Pour your first serving of mangosteen juice – REMEMBER Shake the bottle
well 🙂

2. Before you drink the mangosteen juice, establish some reference points
that are
easy to self-evaluate, such as lung capacity, visual acuity and a sense of
how energetc
you feel.

3. Now take a small sip of mangosteen and hold it in your mouth for about
ten to
twenty seconds. Meanwhile, tune in to any sensations you may be feeling in
your body.

4. Reexamine how your body feels. DO you notice  anything different?
– look around the room. DO things appear clearer? Are colors more vivid?
may improve cellular communication.

– Take a deep breath. Are your lungs able to take in more air? Is it
easier to exhale without
coughing? Do you feel more enlivened after taking a deep breath? Are your
sinuses more open?
Mangosteen is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic

– Do you feel more calm and centered? Many people who live stressful lives
find that
mangosteen helps them to relax.

– Do you feel more energized? Mangosteen may improve cellular function
throughout the body.

– Do you feel warmth anywhere in your body? Mangosteen may improve
circulation or else you
may be feeling mangosteen’s restorative energy.

– Do you feel more integrated throughout your body or a greater sense of
connection with yourself? Health-promoting substances like mangosteen can
help the cells access information about their true purpose – information
which may have become buried or obscured by disease or free radicals.

– If you have a particular health challenge, do you notice any difference
in your symptoms? You
may or may not notice changes soon. SOme people need to take mangosteen
for weeks or month
before they enjoy significant improvements.

More about immediate effects of mangosteen:

Changes in eyesight and energy level are easy for most people to notice.
Thats why I
chose these references for this procedure. Feel free to customize this
procedure by changing
or modyfying the questions listed above with personal experiences you may
have made.

If, after drinking your first serving, you have an immediate,
uncomfortable reaction to
mangosteen, it may be due to allergies, a toxin release or cleansing
reaction, or because
your body is dehydrated.

– Allergies to mangosteen are very rare. But some people may be allergic
to the other
ingredients that may be included in mangosteen juice, such as apple, pear,
blueberry, strawberry, cranberry and cherry juice.

– If your body is dehydrated, it will not be able to properly flush out
toxins that
mangosteen can release. The toxin buildup that ensues could cause
symptoms that can mimic an allergic reaction.

– Kep in mind that what seems to be an allergic reaction may really be a
reaction. If you have build up toxins that are ready to be released, one
serving of
mangosteen may be just enough to invite them out.

Common Cleansing Reactions Can Include:

– Bad breath or body odor
– Boils
– Cough
– Diarhea or loose stools
– Emotinal releases
– Fatigue
– Foul-smelling urine
– Headaches ( drink more water)
– Heavier than usual bleeding at menstruation
– Intestinal gas or bloating
– Joint pain (sudden onset, not due to injury)
– Mucus discharge
– Pimples
– Skin rashes
– Swollen glands

Obviously, the symptoms listed above may also indicate disease or illness.
be considered a cleansing reaction, these symptoms need to have an obvious

correlation to taking a healthful supplement, in this case mangosteen
juice. Indeed,
it can sometimes be difficult to know if symptoms are actually due to a
reaction and not the result of illness, allergy, hypersensitivity to
dehydration, or a true cleansing reaction.

In tomorrows email we will discuss each of these options.

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wishing you best of health


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