At the moment there is no official cure for cancer. All the treatments that we possess today still have some limitations and may be only effective in the early days of the disease. But once the cancer has propagated it might be challenging to inhibit its growth. At the moment the treatments that is generally used against cancer are surgery and chemotherapy. In fact the treatment set will be dependent on the type of cancer and also on the stages of development of the disease. Yet these treatments also possess their own disfavors. When using chemotherapy, for instance, healthy cells can also be destroyed. Given that cancer regroups a variety of diverse diseases it might be challenging to find a unique treatment. French readers can take a look at this article mode de vie anti cancer to learn more on this topic. Nonetheless we can discover a lot of claims about cancer treatment, whether it is real or not. Among the most frequent treatment that we have now is the aloe vera. There are some people that believe that this plant can heal cancer. The problem is that there is no scientific proof for the potency of this plant. But then there are some individuals that are claiming that this plant can be hazardous for health. For the moment the best thing we can do is prevention. For example smoking can lead to lung cancer. Protecting ourselves from the risk factors can help us to protect from cancer. This is the only way that we have against cancer presently.

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