Recently , there have been rumors that Mangosteen juice products can cure ailments and heal people of their diseases. This is as a product of the testimonials and recognition that people seem to be getting from taking these Mangosteen juice products. Up till now, the FDA has not approved the use of supplements as a vehicle of treatment for ailments and diseases. But this is not to say that they do not approve of it as a beneficial food supplement. The fact is there have been a lot of claims by manufacturers of these Mangosteen juice products and no one can say for a fact whether they are indeed correct or false, except for those where there have been laboratory tests that show the before and after testing of people.

Mangosteen juice products have a lot of benefits and they often act as a vehicle of minor ailment prevention. For instance, Mangosteen juice is known to have such miraculous benefits as even eliminating symptoms of diabetes as a product of the phytonutrients that are available in the mangosteen fruit. While their ability to cure ailments is still under scrutiny, supplements can be a healthy supplement for food, and can help improve the body’s immune system and prevent ailments and conditions. For instance, vitamin C is recognized for its ability to combat colds, and flu. So, taking vitamin C on a daily basis is sure to defend you from catching a cold.

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