Balance Is Bogus

We all know someone who has all their financial ducks in a row-a real go-getter with a flourishing business and an impressive portfolio-whose personal life is in shambles. There’s no one to share their success with, or their “life partner” is someone they don’t even know anymore. In one area of life, this superstar earns rave reviews, yet in another area, they’re hurting bad!

It’s possible to focus so much on one thing that your life becomes imbalanced.

How can you avoid this? Through an attainable goal I call Harmonic WealthT, which occurs when you pay attention to all areas of life, and neglect none.

The 5 Pillars of Harmonic Wealth

To create Harmonic Wealth-a fulfilling life with riches in every category-let’s think of life in five key areas:

(1) financial;

(2) relational;

(3) mental, (including intellect and emotions);

(4) physical; and

(5) spiritual.

Visualize these as pillars. If you weaken any of them, you start falling apart, either all at once or by bits and pieces. And you can’t strengthen the structure by reinforcing the strong pillars; instead, you must attend to the weak ones-areas of neglect.

Your pillars will never be equally strong all of the time. This is what some people call “balance,” but it’s misleading. You can’t establish absolute strength for all five areas and then keep your life in that pose for an easy and unchanging life. (Thank God!) Life would be uneventful-and incredibly boring.

Think about this: In perfect balance, nothing happens-nothing!

Creating Harmonic Wealth starts with realizing that all five areas must have some attention all the time-not that all five areas demand all your attention all the time.

Please read this thought again and let it sink in.

Practical Application: Creating Harmonic Wealth in Everyday Life

The key in all situations is to plan for finite periods of focus and defocus-but never total neglect. I won’t be able to go into all five areas in this short lesson, but here are some telltale signs of neglect to look for in relationships, because that’s where neglect is pretty easy to diagnose. And remember, the most important relationship is with yourself. So first and foremost ask yourself:

. Do I enjoy spending time alone with me?

. Do I know my innermost thoughts, feelings, and values? Can I articulate them clearly?

. Am I really honest about who I am? Do I take time to reflect?

Simply ask yourself these probing questions, and you’ll get a sense of where you stand – and where chaos may be brewing.


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