A lot of people have a hard time with the subject of attracting money.  It is easy to see the abundance that exists in nature,  in technology,  and many other areas of life.  But,  to see it when it comes to your finances is a much harder thing for most people to do.  For one,  the way that we are taught about the subject from the time we are very young creates a certain habitual pattern that is incredibly hard for most people to break free from.


We usually have strong emotions that are also tied into our financial situations and that can be an obstacle as well with the goal of attracting more money.  What can you do and where can you start to create an abundance of financial resources that are at your disposal?

Well,  the number one thing that you can and should do is to learn as much about how to make money as possible.  The higher that your financial IQ is,  the more opportunities that you will be able to take.  And that is a key to manifesting more prosperous situations is to understand the ebb and the flow of your finances and how to create new sources.

Trying to squeeze as much as you can from the same resources is not the best option.  To really create a nice flow,  you have to have many options available to you.  Yet,  most people continue to rely on their job alone and that is exactly why it is hard for them to see the abundant financial opportunities that do exist.

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