About (Me) X1Concept Founder

Hi and thanks for stopping by,

I am a veteran network marketer with an impressive track record. (I think)
I was originally drawn to the industry early in life. What I saw was the potential for a tremendous income and a lifestyle to match.

After 13 years in Herbalife and a combined volume of over US $ 20 Million in 12 countries I decided in December 2006 to quit Herbalife and join XanGo.
It didn’t take long and I had developed one of the fastest growing distributorship in XanGo worldwide. With over 3350 Distributors in 15 countries (JULY 2008) and a volume of over US $224 000 after only 19 months, I am just getting started.

–> Update December 2016 35000+ Distributors in over 30 countries with over 10 Million US$ in Business

The most important thing for a new distributor is to have a system in place, a system that allows him or her to have quick results. Many companies out there charge a lot of money for websites or lead generation programs, my goal with the X1Concept  is to provide a system for all distributors FREE of charge!

I didn’t start XanGo to make money on websites or selling a system, but to help people make money with this fantastic product. Bringing Value to the marketplace and to help as many people as possible achieve financial success is what I always wanted and one of the reasons I started network marketing.

Please feel free to contact me
Skype: Singcisco
Mobile: +6012 3935 666
email: Cisco@X1Concept.com 

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but spend most of my time travelling the world and expanding my business in new markets.

I am currently looking for a friendly open minded people in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, China, Columbia and South Korea.

X1Concept Mission Statement

X1Concept is a NON Profitable website made for XanGo Distributors by XanGo Distributors. The purpose of this website is to give new XanGo distributors that join the X1Concept system a clear and simple guideline on achieving unlimited success with XanGo.

“We are building a global organization dedicated to improving the quality of life worldwide. We distribute, share and provide services around this unique mangosteen product with other people at a profit which is in harmony with the law of compensation.
These products and services are created and marketed with like-minded people who share in our purpose: to live and work in a prosperous environment that encourages productivity, so that we may improve the service we render to our family, our company, our community, our nation and, ultimately, the world.”
– Francisco Balbontin, Founder X1Concept

XanGo Distributor since December 2006


  1. ellie

    Hi there,
    Ellie here from Miri.

    I can’t go to my account. password and username invalid. Need help

    Just for your info, Herbal life distributors are trying very hard to recruit me ….


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