22 Reasons to Drink Mangosteen Juice in the form of Xango TM
Twenty-Two and counting

Dr. James Duke worked for 35 years for the USDA. He is a renowned ethnobotanist and has placed on the internet a phytochemical and ethnobotanical database, now available to medical practioners and lay people. Over 138 mind-boggling mangosteen properties and health benefits are cataloged. A few of the properties of mangosteen are listed here. *See Disclaimer
1. Prevents hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis)
2. Protects the heart muscle (Cardio)
3. Anti-Parkinson, Anti-Alzheimer and other forms of dementia
4. Anti-depressant–Gives sense of well being. It is in the same botanical category as St. John’s Wort and helps fight anxiety.
5. Prevents and arrests fungus (Anti-fungal)
6. Prevents bacterial infections
7. Viral fighters and prevention of infections (Antiviral). Mangosteen has been used for centuries to treat skin disorders such as dermatitis, infections from wounds, ringworm, acne, and so forth. (Also see "Active-Constituents Against HIV-1 Protease from Garcina Mangostina" (Planta Medica)
8. Prevents gum disease (Antiperiodontic)
9. Anti-diarrheal–In lab studies the XANTHONES, alpha and gamma mangostin, had histamine and serotonin receptor blocking capacity (Plant Medical Vol. 60) which is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. There are many benefits to the gastro-intestinal process.
10. Lowers fevers (Antipyretic)
11. Eye Care–prevents glaucoma and cataracts (Anti-glaucomic and Anti-cataract)
12. Pansystemic–A synergistic effect on the whole body. Dietary supplement-helps in total body health
13. Energy Boosters–Anti-fatigue
14. Anti-aging–again, promotes health
15. Weight Loss–helps and prevents obesity (Anti-obesity)
16. Lowers blood fat (Anti-lipidemic) Dr. Templeman says, "…the degree of the lowering of LDL equals or exceeds that obtained with some commercial drug preparations…without the serious side effects of the anti-cholesterol drugs." (Ibid p.3)
17. Anti-Tumor benefits
18. Cancer: Mangosteen helps in the prevention of cancer with its powerful anti-oxidants. Six Xanthones according to a preliminary study were capable of killing cancer cells.
19. Lowers blood pressure
20. Numerous references to "Immunostimulants"
21. Blood sugar lowering
22. IT TASTES GOOD–No "acquired taste" required. It’s easy to take at home and while traveling.

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*Disclaimer: No medical advice is given or implied. In all health aspects, the advice of competent, licensed medical professionals should be sought. Your results will vary.
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