X1 Concept

Choosing the right company

You can have the best company
You can have the best product
You can have the best compensation plan
You can be at the right time at the right place
But if you dont have a true system in place that will unlock your success it will be very hard !

We believe to have the best company !

"The Way to get wealthy in network marketing is to pick the company with the most momentum and build your business fast and furiously during this momentum and growth phase. XanGo has more momentum than any company in network marketing. XanGo could be the next billion-dollar company in the industry .."

We believe to have the best product!

XanGo is breaking all industry records and our Mangosteen Juice is the fastest growing supplement in the world today.

We believe to have the best compensation plan!

It's time to eliminate every obstacle and pave the pathway to success. The XanGo compensation plan provides a clear and simple road to accomplish everything you've ever dreamed. A full fifty per cent of each bottle of XanGo® Juice sold goes straight back to commission payments. No tricks. No fuzzy math. Just unlimited potential and a product that demands attention.

Reasons to love the XanGo compensation plan:

  • Round numbers
  • No changes to your earning potential (breakage)
  • 50% commission paid on EVERY bottle of XanGo® Juice sold
  • Simplicity

Perfect timing

We believe to have the perfect Timing, and to be at the right place at the right time !

In only 5 years XanGo has issued over 10 000 000 commission checks worldwide and the average income in XanGo has increased by 25% in 2007 over 2006. There is no slowing down in sight as XanGo is expanding into other markets around the world. Now is the time to take action, now is the time to step up and be one of the first ones in new markets.

Network Maketing is the best opportunity to create a significant income. See what Robert Kyosaki and Donald Trump think about this industry here.

Our System

Is there a system and how much will it cost you?

We created our X1Concept system to support you step by step on your way to achieve unlimited success in XanGo, the best part is its absolutely FREE for you.

We are not in XanGo to make money with a "system" or selling websites we believe in giving a new distributor some basic tools for FREE and keeping the start up cost low.

Join our X1Concept Team and receive
  • FREE Personalized website working for you 24/7
  • FREE access to our backoffice with great resources and tools
  • FREE weekly online tranings and business presentations
  • FREE weekly meeting in the XanGo Head Office in Kuala Lumpur
Your Team Leader is there to support you, remember we don't make a cent untill you make a dollar.
  • We will show you how to take advantage of working with the Internet
  • How to have a never ending stream of people looking for what you got
  • How to use websites and other tools effectively
  • How to build a passive income in a short amount of time
  • How to improve the quality of your life and the life of others
  • How to build a true work from home system

* Work Part Time - Earn Significant Income
* No Employees, Overhead, Inventory, Commute or Boss
* Set your Own Hours and Create Passive Residual Income
* Win Bonus Trips to Thailand, Europe, Hawaii and much more