Who is XanGo?

XanGo, LLC was founded by an innovative team of executives dedicated to leading their category with the world's best mangosteen products. Their combination of vision, product focus, industry experience, business acumen and communications savvy has driven XanGo to rank among the fastest-growing global brands in the marketplace.

Bigger than any previous wellness product!

  • Manufacturing Arm Same Company as Capri Sun™ and Many of Today's Most Popular Healthy Beverages
  • First Company in United States History to Sponsor the Jersey of a Professional Sports Team the Real Salt Lake
  • 250,000 Square Foot World Wide Headquarters in Utah with State-of-the-Art Systems
  • Recent Press: Featured in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Reader's Digest, Fox News and others
  • Recipient of Major Entrepreneurial Awards (Ernst and Young) and CEO of the Year award for Aaron Garrity

Our Dream Team - The Founders

After only 5 years, XanGo's dynamic Founders have achieved what most companies take 20 years, if ever to accomplish.

Doing a ton of good in the world and Building a Recognized Global Brand at the same time has ranked these men amongst the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide.

  • Exclusive Partnerships with WILD Flavors, Leading Manufacturer and Creator of Capri-Sun - a Worldwide Beverage Giant
  • Open in 24 Markets throughout North America, Asia and Europe with 10 more added by the end of 2008
  • 1,000,000 distributors in just 5 Years
  • On Target to Reach $1 Billion in Annual Sales by the end of 2010
  • Changing the World through many charitable causes

Wild Flavors, the Manufacturing Arm

A ISO 9000 Certification and Operating Facilities in 20 Countries is what made Wild Flavors the prefered partner for XanGo.

Wild Flavors has over 150 Researchers and Scientists on Staff to ensure the highest quality of beverage.

World's Largest Flavoring and Manufacturing Company, best known for inventing Capri-Sun™.

Wild Flavors not only ensures great taste but also extremely high quality stemming from the mangosteen tree all the way to your refrigerator. Over 100 quality controlls and checks are run to ensure the highest quality of mangosteen beverage.

Charity - XanGo Goodness Movement

We are committed to bringing living hope and loving help to communities in need. Our distributors have spanned the globe, working in the world community and spreading the resolve to enhance the quality of life for children and families everywhere. It is our distributors who have empowered us to make a lasting impact across the map.

More than ever before, we are organized and mobilized. We're pushing forward with a step toward deeper involvement - XanGo Goodness. To explore the meaning of this movement, visit