Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the cells of female and male breast tissue. Breast cancer is more common in women, but men do get breast cancer as well.

Breast Cancer Information

Usually, the first sign of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. Everyone, especially women, is advised to regularly check their breasts for lumps and bumps to catch it early if they are unfortunate enough to get breast cancer. Finding a lump in the breast is usually the first thing women do before they go for a check with the doctor.

After a lump has been felt, a doctor/physician will do a common mammogram and will then be able to confirm whether or not it is in fact breast cancer. Lumps are not always fund in the breast, they can also be found in what is known as the lymph nodes that can be found in the collarbone or the armpits.

Symptoms of Cancer

There are other ways to look out for breast cancer other than looking for a lump. Keeping an eye out on changes in the breast shape or size can also be an indication in some cases. Some women have had skin dimpling, nipple discharge and nipple inversion as signs of breast cancer.

Whether you end up getting breast cancer later in life can be determined or factored by certain hereditary and environmental factors. Here are some of the factors that may determine who may get breast cancer over other people:

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