People live life, much of it complaining about things. People have all different kinds of problems to deal with. They forget to understand that they should make the best of what they have, and grow from it. Everybody can better their life. Everybody has two choices that they can make with what they choose to do with their life. The first choice is that they can make it less than what it can really be. They can choose to earn less, have less, and think less. They can try less and teach themselves to except less. That choice can eventually lead to an empty and unfulfilling life. If a person decides to live like this, they are leading themselves down a cold and dark road that leads to a constant uneasiness of a life that has them living with anxiety and anticipation of what may happen next.

The second choice is that people can do it all. They can do whatever they want. They can become everything they wanted to be and more. They are the ones that learn as much as they possibly can, earn as much as they possibly can, and live with no boundaries. They are able to give and share as much as they possibly can. They are the people who strive, progress, and accomplish as much as they possibly can. Everybody has a choice. They have the choice to do or not to do, to be or not to be. Everyone holds the key to their own future. Some open the door to be all they can be, some open the door to be less than their potential, and some open the door to end up being nothing at all.

It would be a great thing if everyone reached for the stars, even though unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that. To many people live to complain or live to just maintain. It would be a challenge to the world for everyone to try their best to see what their capabilities are. Why not try and see what you can become? People should really give themselves a chance and do all they can, every time they can, the best they can, for as long as they can. I almost guarantee that they would live prosperous lives.

People’s highest achievement should be to bring out the best in themselves. Everybody is good at something and they should share their talents with the world with all the ability and desire that their mind and body will permit. Anything less should not be accepted. The result will always end a good one if people choose to live that way.

A person’s results is the best measurement of their progress. Results are everything. If a person’s results end up less than their potential, all that means is that they should keep striving to become more than they were the day before. A person’s greatest reward always comes to those who bring great value to themselves and the world around them based on who and what they’ve become.

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