To Our XanGo Distributors:

International expansion is often driven when the right leader appears at the right time to spearhead the growth and development of a market. Such is the case with Russia for XanGo.

Several months ago, one of our Distributors introduced us to a networking marketing company doing business in Russia. Over the past few months we’ve gotten to know the business and especially the principals involved with this enterprise. We’re extremely impressed with what we’ve seen, and we’re attracted by the opportunity to open Russia sooner than later.

As a result, we’ve decided to move ahead in opening the Russian market. We’ve acquired the staff of this company, most of whom are based in France and Russia and who have 15 years experience working together building network marketing in Russia. They’ve brought with them infrastructure, including offices and a pick-up center in Moscow, IT infrastructure, a unique online payment system, and especially the necessary government contacts to let us rapidly and reliably open what would otherwise be a complex market.

This exciting announcement offers new opportunity to all XanGo Distributors. What is most important is that Russia offers very significant growth potential for you as you leverage your Russian contacts in your home market. Russia is a top 10 DSA market largely because the economic conditions there make network marketing highly attractive as an alternative to traditional employment. We expect it to become one of XanGo’s top 5 markets as well. We also expect this to help European Distributors to build as there are close ties between the markets. Of course, in addition to all these positive aspects, our global bonus pool will benefit from any volume that comes with this relationship.

Russia represents an exciting new expansion to the XanGo opportunity. Yet we know you will want to focus your efforts on the XanGo assets that best help you build your business. At corporate we are keeping our eye on our steady goal: your success. We are maintaining our full energy on our new X51 product as well as the development of other volume products, the opening of other markets, and more.

Initially, we will offer only XanGo Juice in Russia, but strategically add other products to our offering as it makes sense. As it currently stands, the launch of Russia will proceed as follows:

August 20th: Pre-launch phase: sign up distributors and take pre-orders online only

2nd Week of October: First product pick-ups in Russia

October 8-10: Launch event in Moscow

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