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xalo favao limitless energy drink south africa

XanGo Limitless Energy Drink

Xango favao Limitless ENERGY DRINK SOUTH AFRIJust wanted to share my experience with XanGo’s Limitless energy drink mix. I’ve been testing it for about a month, I have tried many energy pills and drinks over the years…some worked ok, others gave me the jitters and then I’d crash but after a short while needing more to get my energy back up.

For the past few weeks I have been drinking Starbucks coffee off and on. I am not really a coffee drinker, don’t like the taste of black coffee so I have a latte, cappuccino or anything else with a fancy name and a lot of milk, but the need for energy on some days made me head to  Starbucks near my house almost every day, ordering one of those fancy milk filled drinks with 4 shots!

Yup, I’d gotten hooked on their caffeine even though I didn’t like the taste! I was in there so regularly, they greeted me by name, knew my order and gave me a discount (only charging for 2 of the 4 shots) and it was still costing me RM 10.40 (regular price for most people would be about $5.50 US)

At the end of September I traveled to the US to get my hands on some new products, including Limitless, which I knew was being launched in Europe and South Africa!
I stocked up…A LOT!

The moment I took it, I was sure I would not need coffee anymore!

LIMITLESS has a great punch of energy that lasts for HOURS, without crashes and the usual side effect I had from coffee and other energy products (no matter what time of the day I would drink them, I had problems sleeping!) NOW, with XanGo LIMITLESS energy drink that doesn’t happen. I take one in the morning, usually while checking my emails and BOOM within minutes I am ready to go and the taste is AWESOME !!!!

So check this out, just do the mathematics.

6 Venti latte a week at regular price is 33 US dollar x 4 weeks is 132 US Dollars on coffee and milk in a month !!!! 2 boxes of is about US 65 dollars a month WINNING

6 Venti latte a week is about 1500 calories x 4 weeks is 6000 CALORIES that’s basically what I burn during 5 – 6 days of gym 2 boxes of LIMITLESS = 40 servings will last for 40 days has 600 calories. BOOM WINNING AGAIN!

Now I understand that some of you out there are coffee junkies (I’ve been there myself, I see all the posts and pics about having coffee and that’s all good I guess, but for me personally, XanGo LIMITLESS energy drink does the magic! Not only does it leave more money in my pocket, but WHAT THE HECK 6000 calories, that’s nearly 1 kg that I have to not worry about keeping off AND people get paid to drink it! If you are SERIOUS about using a great energy product for your workouts or just to help you stay away from energy drinks and coffee, Inbox me! Limitless is a serious healthy boost of natural energy. If not, no worries and thanks for your time and reading my little testimonial’.

XanGo is the Original Mangosteen Juice Category Creator if you want to know the benefits of Mangosteen Juice please read here 

Order XanGo Limitless Energy Drink here by the way is some parts of Europe Limitless is called POWER 🙂

Wishing you the BEST of health! Cisco



XanGo Favao Limitless Energy Drink Ingredients

xango favao limitless energy drink south africa

  xango favao limitless energy drink south africa

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Buy Xalo Limitless at Best Price anywhere in the world

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