Mike Dillard is closing the doors to The Elevation Group tomorrow night (Sunday), at midnight CST (USA time), and discontinuing the 75% discount he has been offering you. Which means you have less than 24 hours left to act.

He is  also taking down his 90 Minute Presentation on how he has been able to predict the future of the economy.

Over 5,000 people and families from around the world have joined in the past 5 days.

The Elevation Group WILL open up again at some point in January, but the price will be DOUBLE what it is today… The monthly membership will increase from $97 to $197, and the annual membership will increase from $597 to $1,997.

Which means that I would take this final opportunity to join TODAY, so you can grandfather yourself into the lowest price you will ever see.

There’s no need to rush and go through the content until after the Holiday’s, because you have an entire month to evaluate the program.

If it’s not for you, and if you don’t get 10 times more value than the price, I don’t want your money… PERIOD. Just send an email to Support and I’ll have an immediate refund issued… No questions asked.

This is not a decision about joining The Elevation Group or not… You are deciding whether you want a financial future filled with prosperity – or poverty… Which means this is a decision that will effect the rest of your life.

One thing is to make money the other to keep it protect it and make it work for YOU!

But you must act NOW.

Watch the 90 min presentation here  http://bit.ly/eAZAb5

Take a look behind the membership portion of The Elevation Group http://bit.ly/hNMnuE

all the best

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