By following a healthy lifestyle, here’s some ideas for a healthy type 2 diabetes diet plan, your health should not suffer as a result of having diabetes. Regularly testing your blood glucose level, eating and drinking healthily, a frequent exercise program, and making sure you take your diabetes medication will all contribute towards safe management of your blood sugar levels. Controlling your blood-glucose is essential if you want to eliminate risk of suffering more severe health issues, and your health professional works with you to achieve this.

Keeping track of your blood sugar level is crucial

One sign of diabetes that can be easily checked is having higher than normal blood glucose levels. With diabetes, controlling your glucose levels becomes a difficult task for your body. Your task, to keep on top of diabetes lies in maintaining your blood glucose level between 4 to 7 millimoles per liter. Monitoring your blood glucose level regularly will help you to achieve this. You simply must do this to help avoid long term problems arising.

It’s not difficult to perform your blood glucose tests at home. There’s an increasing availability of blood testing apparatus, ranging from the very simple blood glucose test strips through to extravagant electronic monitors with PC interfaces that permit you to view and analyze your test results on the computer.

Regardless of which form of diabetes you’re suffering with, your blood sugar levels should be in the range of 4 to 7 millimoles per liter. It needs to be in this range to help reduce the risk of possible long-term complications.

How regular you should be checking your blood glucose levels is not set in stone – it’s governed by what if any diabetes medication you’re on, the type of diet you’re on (for example, are you on a gestational diabetes diet plan?), and how much exercise you get. You just need to make time for them without disrupting your existing routine and give you the ability to cope with your diabetes independently.

The HbAlc Test

Even though home based blood testing is crucial to managing your diabetes there is an additional test, called the HbAlc test, which is carried out by a health professional at least once or twice a year.

Your home based tests differ from the HbA1c test in that the tests you do yourself show your blood glucose levels at that point in time whereas the HbA1c test shows historic results for the last 2 months. The HbA1c test gives results in percentage format- the closer they are to 7 per cent (or below) the better.

The areas of your life that impact on your blood glucose results are your diet, the amount of exercise you get, insulin injections and any diabetes tablets you take. By not keeping an close eye on your blood test results you’re at risk of experiencing hyperglycemia.

Effective management of your blood sugars is well worth your effort as it will help in reducing your risk of more serious health issues. Good control means that the pretty much all the test results should be falling within the range of 4-7 millimoles per liter. Your HbA1c will also likely be darn near to 7 percent as well.

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