Arthritis is a condition that affects the musculoskeletal system including the joints, causing stiffness, inflammation, pain and eventually damage to the joint cartilage. The bones are protected in the joints by tissue called cartilage which acts as a buffer between the ends. Therefore, because of this, cartilage has the exact same needs as the other glands and organs; cartilage cells are referred to as Chondrocytes. The cartilage cells that are the chondrocytes are usually replaced by new cells when the old ones die.

Understanding Arthritis

However, over an extended period of time, the inflammation can kill more of the cartilage cells than the body is able to replace. This happens when the body is not healthy and suffers from malnutrition, injury can also be another cause. Arthritis makes the joints to become weak and instable. The traditional treatment to arthritis demands change of one’s lifestyle besides physical therapy and medication. If all non or less intrusive interventions give no relief then the last resort is joint replacement surgery.

Arthritis Diet

Arthritis is divided into to major groups that may affect the ‘localized’ or ‘generalized’ parts of the body or even depending on the joints that get damaged; it is further divided into sub-groups. Localized conditions are where the soft tissue around the bone or joint is affected; it refers to conditions like tendonitis and bursitis. One of the localized conditions could affect just the hip or the knee joints. One of the foremost sub-categories of generalized arthritis is a condition that affects muscle and soft tissue without swelling or inflammation. In this condition there is no joint damage and fibromyalgia belongs to this category.

Inflammatory Arthritis

The second sub-category of conditions includes conditions that involve inflammation that affects the entire body. Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are all related to this group. Still other generalized situations include polymyositis, involving muscles, systemic lupus erythematosus involving the skin, kidneys and or other organs and vasculitis where any organ is involved.

A person can have more than one type of arthritis and it includes more than 100 medical conditions that affect approximately 46 million adults and 300,000 children in the United States. As early on as infancy, this condition can begin, even though it is most commonly seen in adults that are over the age of sixty, in the primary form of osteoarthritis. As the population within America ages, the number of individuals that are suffering from arthritis is constantly increasing.

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