Most people I know are not happy with their wealth. They work very hard, they save, they read books, they try this or that, and for some reason they are stuck. They are doing the right things, yet at the same time they are thinking and acting in ways that prevent them from achieving results. They are being held back by one or more of the ten un-wealthy habits. Becoming aware and managing these habits had a profound effect on people’s wealth.

Let’s make an analogy with health issues. We all value our health. Information about being healthy abounds: exercise, eat well, don’t smoke, de-stress, and so on. What about looking at habits that hold us back? What is the purpose of having healthy habits if you put yourself at risk by not using a seat belt?

Understanding and managing habits that hold us back is as important as understanding and managing habits that move us closer to our goals. Because habits are invisible to us, there is little that we can do about it: We can’t solve a problem if we are not aware of it.

I analyzed what was preventing people from being comfortable or happy with their wealth. I call the results of my analysis the “unwealthy” habits. If you are not satisfied with your wealth, it is worth taking a look at the un-wealthy habits. It is as important to know what you are doing well as to know what you need to stop doing.

Here they are:
1. Feeling Sorry for Yourself
2. Being Greedy
3. Hating What You Do
4. Using Money to Measure Happiness
5. Overspending
6. Preferring Instant Gratification
7. Complaining
8. Comparing Yourself to Others
9. Using Assets to Measure Wealth
10. Isolating Yourself from Your Family

Chances are need to be aware of your wealth, occupy some time on it, so you don’t preoccupy yourself with it. That’s all.

Wealth does not make you happy, but when you are wealthy you are happier. Why? Because you feel valued, important, respected, appreciated. Most importantly, because wealth gives you options. If you take care of your wealth, you stop worrying about it and it stops playing such an important role in your life. Then you can feel your thoughts and time with what is more fulfilling to your life.

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