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They’re Too Old To Have A Babysitter…

I hate to say it but there are a lot of BABIES in our industry…

They lean on their upline, they wait for the next meeting, or phone call in order to find out what their “next step” should be in their business…

They never take responsibility for their daily actions or success…

Imagine what would happen if THEY suddenly took the initiative…

If THEY suddenly took 100% of the responsibility for their success in their business away from their upline…

If they suddenly took success into THEIR own hands!

I mean JUST Imagine…

Now, this might sound kinda obvious because this is an industry based on leadership and taking responsibility for your actions.

But there are no excuses for failure in this industry that actually matter…

There is only glorious success or painful failure

It doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves…

That while we can blame anybody we want for our failure in business…

In the end, the only person who is responsible for our success — is us.

The only person who is responsible for your success — YOU.

But we are much more powerful than we could possibly imagine or believe…

It doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that…

In those times of our greatest difficulties in business, and in life, there is always a golden opportunity for us to shine…

If we trust in our limitless potential and take total responsibility for our daily actions then there’s nothing we can’t do…

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Avoid the 10 Most Common Distributor Mistakes in MLM

Avoid the 10 Most Common Distributor Mistakes by Jeff Babener

Here are the 10 most common mistakes that networkers make. These mistakes are often ones of attitude, missed judgment calls, or misinformation.

1. Inflated Earnings Expectations

Yes, its true, there are many millionaires in the MLM business. However there are many millionaires in the EPL as well. But, how many schoolyard ballplayers make it to the EPL? Precious few-none from South east asia. This is the case for networkers who become millionaires as well. By and large, network marketing offers a great part-time activity for folks who keep their day job. Realistic expectations and goals for the average distributor should be an extra Rm1500 or Rm3000 per month as a supplement income.

2. Go For the Product, Not the Plan

Too often, recruits are seduced into a program by promises of instant riches which are held out as the result of compensation plans that are “break-through,” “revolutionary” or whose payout guarantees instant riches. Of course, a fair compensation plan that provides good incentives is important. But in the long run it is the companys quality products to which distributors are bonded,and its management and vision that make the difference.

3. Dont Think Short Term

The MLM business is like any other worthwhile endeavor. Realistically, a distributor should not expect to see the true fruits of his or her labor until at least six months into the business. Those who have been truly successful have been at it long term. Give yourself some time.

4. Its Not Easy Money

Often times, the M L M recruitment pitch is one of “easy money.” Prospective recruits are told that they dont have to work, they dont have to sell, they just make lists of everyone they know and Rm100 bills will sprout wings and fly into their mailbox.Those experienced in this industry will tell you that this is not an easy money “game”. It is not merely a recruiting game. Distributors who are successful know their product, know their customers, know the companys vision, and are prepared to do that which is necessary – hard work.

5. “Gimmicky” Product – Forget About It

Getting on to the roller coaster of a company with gimmicky “fad products” will give you a lot of ups and downs, but the ride will be over quickly. Sometimes, companies can follow through on the momentum of a fad product with a fuller product line. From the onset, distributors would be better served to look for a company with a solid product that makes sense and one for which there is a true “real world” marketplace among consumers.

6. Dont Ignore the Company Track Record

A distributor who is looking to increase his or her odds should pick a company with a track record, preferably a company that has been in business at least for a year and has demonstrated quality management. For those, however, who are not faint of heart and wish to take the plunge at the very beginning, they should do some significant research into the principles of the company, their prior success in business, their infrastructure and talk to other distributors that are coming in on the ground floor.

7. Run Away From the “Front-load”

In a day of DHL and Federal Express, no distributor should be asked to carry large investments of inventory. Instead, look for a company that demands modest investment from its distributors and ask its distributors to purchase product in an orderly fashion for intended expectation of personal use or sale. Auto-ship programs for both customers and distributors represent a far more sober and long-term approach than large front-loads.

8. Look for Products with Profit Margins

Too often distributors are distracted by the compensation plan or the earnings hype to spend time looking at the profitability of the products and services sold by a company. A company with an exclusive product can justify a higher profit, which means the ability to pay commissions in the long term from the sale of products or services. Historically, this is why the largest and most successful M L M companies have had, as their mainstay, consumable products that are proprietary such as nutrition, personal care or household products. These products are unique to the company, allowing for sufficient profit to pay commissions.

9. Dont be an M L M Junkie

There are a few distributors in the industry who have developed the ability to “work” multiple programs. Those professional distributors are few and far between. Since the average distributor is part-time to begin with,he or she should carefully pick a company and stick with it. History favors the long-term committed distributor rather than the M L M junkie who hops from company to company. It is difficult enough to focus energy on one company and its products, let alone several. Splitting your time and energy among several companies will probably yield thin results compared to focusing “like a laser” on one company.

10. Don’t just Sit Around

Activity is the name of the game in M L M. It is not enough to join the company, call all your friends at once, and expect the money to come rolling in. One of the worst mistakes a distributor can make is to sit around rather than getting “proactive.” The most successful distributors are ones who are constantly recruiting, constantly selling, calling upon the same prospective customers and recruits multiple times, and reinvesting a substantial chunk of their commission check back into the business of recruiting and selling. Those who merely “sit around” will have unfulfilled expectations.

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Business TIPS


Don’t hit on people. I don’t believe in the “hitters club” but rather find that ordinary people are the glue of real networks. It’s the ordinary person who needs $500 to $2000 extra a month that this company is built on.

We offer a solution. We’re in hard economic times. We don’t need to try talking anybody into buying anything. What we offer instead is a solution. Partnership. Education. A potential serious future. The one thing I really try to educate people about is not browbeating others into this. We’re not in the business of sales. We’re in the people business. We’re building networks.

Focus on the journey. The money will come if you focus on the work.

Do not close people. What you’re looking for is a committed partnership, not trying to sell people on something. Allow them to make their final decision.

Be realistic. Do not make pie-in-the-sky claims.

Do not pitch—answer questions instead. Let the tool make the presentation. If you have a stay-at-home mom who is gun shy, you don’t want her thinking she has to go to a coffee shop and present.

Strive to develop a Brother’s Keeper mentality. It’s just good business sense to treat one another well. It pays to support people and play nice.

Education is Power! Most of us do know how to dream, but most of us don’t know how to actualize our dreams. Education is power and that includes education about what does and does not work.

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