A friend that I have been mentoring for some time in my business called me recently and
asked me this Q:

Cisco, I am looking at this MLM business that has this replicated website that enrolls people automatically in my downline. What do you think?
Honestly, I hear this question all the time… And my answer is always the same…

Run as fast as you can from this type of business opportunity!

There is a reason that we call this business “Network Marketing”. It is all about building a network of distributors that both consume and sell the products that we market. It is about building lasting relationships and working together to build a successful business for both you and your team.

These “replicated self building” websites are nothing but a waste of time and money. For instance how exactly are these downlines built? Who generates the traffic? Who does the training? It still comes down to you working on your business.

The other problem with these replicated sites, is that they will never generate any real traffic from any search engines. (unfortunate yes, but true) You see, they all have the exact same content and look – the search engines look at this as duplicate content and it will be filtered out!

Before you join one of these “self building” opportunities, I would really like you to think about building your business the right way. Your time would be much better spent on these two things:

• Build your own Lead Capture page and generate your own MLM leads.
or make sure your upline leaders offers a system that can generate leads for you and your team.

• Get your own Blog – “Brand You!” – Sell YOU and build relationships

Next is:

1. Focus on your target market – look for people who are looking for what you have

2. Understand what people are looking for – offer yourself and your expertise.

3. Learn about sales and marketing techniques, educate yourself and purchase some books – do something different than what the rest is doing.

4. Invest in your customer without any expectations or money.

5. Give people the “how-to “rather than the “what.” Offer solutions.

6. Build a relationship

By following these key points, it really sets you apart from every other business owner. – This is called Attraction Marketing.

Please don’t be afraid to go your own path, differentiate yourself.

Hope you found this useful, I’m sure you will see some drastic changes if you follow this plan.
To your success and always.

talk to you soon

to your success

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