The XANGO network has a remarkable global standing that’s only growing stronger with time. Today we have a presence in 42 countries, which means there are over 1.6 billion opportunities to share XANGO. But we’re about to double that number.

I’m extremely excited to announce that mail orders to China will officially launch July 16, 2012, opening over 1 billion doors to the incredible XANGO opportunity.

To my friends in China, we honor your commitment to health and look forward to serving you.

Now you might ask yourself how can that be in any way good or interesting for you?

Well if you have been in any Network Marketing Business before you know that a major part

of “making it BIG” is timing, aside from having a great product and compensation plan of course.

Please have a look at the below chart to understand better and then imagine how it would be to be one of the first distributors in China 🙂

Several top income earners from different MLM companies are the #1 cause the majority of their business is in China. Now if I have triggered your interest then please contact me ASAP and let’s talk – Timing is crucial!

have a great day Francisco


UPDATE Juli 25th 2012 Register for a free Webinar with Nr 1 Earner in XanGo Sherman Unkefer and find out how to

make fortunes in this new market – DO NOT LET OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY! We are here to help you succeed!

Register here the webinar is Thursday morning 10.00am Malaysia Time

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