The abnormal growth of cells in parts of the body is what is defined as cancer. The brain, the lungs and even the breasts may all be affected by cancer. The article will deal with the likely causes of two dissimilar types of cancer and their probable causes. While all cancers share heredity as a major causal factor, there are other different causes of cancer which depend on the type of cancer.

It is difficult to ascertain the real causes of cancer. Still, heredity is cited as the principal cause. Family history places one at a high risk of developing cancer. Such cancers as brain and ovarian are often associated with hereditary factors. Cancer may also result in people who may have at one time or another suffered from the diseases. This makes prior history another cause of the diseases. Nonetheless, there are other factors that often linked to external environment that cause diverse types of cancer.

Two major factors also cause cancer. These are air pollution and smoking. Other cancer causing factors include sunlight and radiation. While there are many cancer forms, lung cancer due to smoking, is the most common in the United States. Cigarette smoking results in 90% of all the lung cancer reported cases in the US. Active smokers are the main victims. Even so, there is a 24% chance of passive smokers to develop lung cancer. Air pollution accounts for 1% of the lung cancer related cases. In this case the causes of lung cancer are exposure to pollution from vehicles, power plants and industries.

The victim’s personal situation and the cancer causes may be linked. For instance, a probable cause of cancer especially in women is hormones. Women who begin their menstruation much earlier and also those who enter menopause much later are at the greatest risk of developing breast cancer. Along with this, is the use of hormone replacement therapy especially by women after menopause which are also possible causes of breast cancer. Though birth control pills are also said to result in breast cancer, there is no fool proof indication.

Thus, the major causes of cancer are factors such as heredity and prior history with the disease. Certain types of cancers have their own specific causes. Breast cancer is caused by hormones, the use of replacement therapy and sometimes the use of birth control pills. Lung cancer is as a result of smoking and air pollution.

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