Are you prone to having diabetes? If you ask me, I did not know it until I had my blood sugar tested. That was the time I got interested in learning what diabetes is.

My advice for everyone who does not know much about diabetes you better start reading this article. You will be alarmed how serious this disease is but if you know how to control it, you do not need to worry too much. You can still live longer and healthy life.

Let us start defining diabetes then. What is it? Actually, there are two varieties of this disease. These are Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus. Let us discuss Diabetes Mellitus first since this is more serious than the other variety.  Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease as many experts say but it is manageable if you know how. This disease is a condition among people who have the inability to utilize the glucose or sugar in their food that will be used as energy. It is a disorder of nutrition in which the glucose accumulates in the blood and later is carried from the system with the urine, which is increased to above the normal level. Diabetes Insipidus is a disease that comes in slow. Unlike Diabetes Mellitus, this variety has an absence of sugar in the urine and has a low specific gravity. In this article we will be concentrating on the first variety.

Over a period of time, the high amount of blood sugar is not good in our body because it can bring potential harm the person’s other organs such as eyes, heart, kidneys, and even the nerves.

Where does glucose come from? Glucose comes from the food we eat and it is used as a fuel to our body. It is also stored in our liver and muscles. Glucose is distributed in our body system through our blood. The chemical compound that assists the distribution of glucose through our blood and into our body cell is Insulin. Insulin helps change glucose or sugar into energy. Cell takes the glucose and turns it into energy. The organ that produces insulin is our pancreas.
I would say that the main organ that needs to protect is our pancreas. By keeping our pancreas healthy we can have a full supply of insulin in our body. But that is not always the case. We must also maintain a normal level of glucose in our body. Too much blood sugar is also bad so we need to retain only what is required by our body.

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