XanGo Juice Patent

A five-year endeavor, including an incredible amount of hard work from XANGO’s legal team, has finally delivered a patent on our XANGO® Juice bottling process. With this patent in our pocket, XANGO is now protected against imitators (and you know there will always be imitators…), and, more importantly, we reassert our position as the undisputed leader in the mangosteen category we created.

XANGO Juice Patent No. 8,524,285

Until XANGO came along, the world didn’t know how to make pericarp palatable enough for everyday use. No one knew how to get the maximum benefit out of the whole mangosteen fruit.

Be AWARE of copies and companies making you believe they have a WHOLE FRUIT drink, they don’t!

Xango Juice Patent

When we started XANGO, we knew we needed to use the whole fruit. We knew we needed to find a way to take full advantage of the unprecedented health benefits hiding in the pericarp. We needed a product that people would want to use every single day, so we got to work. We researched, we tested, we tasted and we triumphed with XANGO Juice, a mangosteen beverage with unprecedented health benefits and incredible taste.

It was always revolutionary. Now it’s certified.

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