Do you know about the harmful effects of pesticides? Organic tea has come to popularity, many people are taking the natural ways of nourishment without any chemicals. Green tea is widely manufactured and mostly consumed in China and has recently gained in popularity in the U.S. where as a rule black tea is enjoyed. Green Tea has always been popular in China for its medicinal useful nutrients for the maintenance of great health.

Green tea  undergoes minimum oxidation during processing, to maintain the integrity and beneficial ingredients of the organic leaves. Green teas are plucked and handmade during the spring season, after picking, the light green leaves are baked in the oven or moistened to preserve their freshness; the final product is full of vitamins and minerals.

Natural Green tea restores the body with its large Vitamin C content that can help the human body more easily deal with damage, and release more energy and can help suppress the development of various bacteria that can cause illness. Green tea is not only rich in Vitamin C but interestingly low in caffeine. Green tea has a lively, rich taste. Chinese Green teas are prized for their rich, natural and satisfying flavor. A unique preparation technique contributes to the simplicity of Chinese teas: after selection, the tea leaves are quickly steamed and then dehydrated, to sustain their odor, color and taste. These manufacturing methods are able to remove any pesticides that might be present in the end product.

In fact, a decrease in the level of antioxidants is directly related to the heightened danger of disease, heart attacks and other physical disorders. Studies have shown that vitamins in green tea may actually help fight cloudy eyes – one of the main causes of loss of vision world wide. Green tea has polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. They favorthose bacteria that are best for the circulatory system while damaging those that are most dangerous.

Green Tea has received much attention in recent times. As such, we are in possession of many useful informational documents and studies showing that Green Tea does contain many beneficial and medicinal elements and drinking green tea has been shown to give the body with numerous wellness increasing components. Green tea contains a large number of “polyphenols” which are antioxidants that have been used to fight against poor health conditions. Green tea consists of more of medicinal properties than other teas,because of the special manner in which it is produced. Green Tea is naturally grown and the time tested drying methods are employed to keep the tea from the negative results of rotting.

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