Emory University Hospital is one of the most prestigious healthcare service providers in the nation with a long standing history of patient care, a reputation as an innovator and leader, and a staff that is committed and dedicated to patient success. With all of this considered, it comes as no surprise that Emory University Hospital is ranked as one America’s Best Hospitals for 2008 by US News. Additionally, for the 10th year in a row Emory University Hospital has been named as the Consumers Choice Award winner by members of the Atlanta community.

As a partner with Emory University and the Emory University school of Medicine, Emory University Hospital is proud to be considered an academic research university. This unique status means that Emory researches, creates and pioneers new treatments and technologies related to healthcare whereas many other hospitals simply repeat the status quo. It’s going to happen at Emory before it happens anywhere else! This also means that Emory University Hospital is an ever changing and expanding organization with the ability to meet and exceed expectations and standards in healthcare.

With 579 beds at Emory University Hospital, doctors, physicians, and nurses see over 100,000 patients every year at this hospital alone making it one of the busiest in the area. This large volume is do in part to the fact that Emory University Hospital is one of the nation’s leaders in cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology, transplantation and cell regeneration, and the neurosciences. Additionally, Emory is proud to offer high quality programs related to cancer treatment, orthopaedics, radiology, facial surgery, geriatrics, optomology, psychiatry, and much more.

As one of the nation’s top medical facilities, Emory University Hospital also takes great pride in its responsibility to the local community. Informational seminars on topics such as memory loss in the elderly, tips on medicare, detecting prostate cancer, treatment of varicose veins, and many others are just a few of the services that the hospital offers to the community. Periodically Emory University Hospital also offers Cardiac CT Scans, health screenings, cancer and transplant patient survivor celebrations, and support groups for those who are in need. All of these are examples of how Emory works every day to advance the possibilities of healthcare, and how they have become one of the top healthcare providers in the nation.

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