There was no exact moment, no pinpointed date of birth for network marketing. It was a steady evolution of early business models, rather, that formed the MLM way of business. It was a process that gradually eliminated middlemen, resellers and mark-ups. Today, it’s reached the point where XanGo stands—a clear-channel, direct-sales company that owns the industry’s most evenhanded compensation plan—uniformly partnering the corporate arm with the distributor arm 50/50.

Multi-level marketing has never been so well-respected, so healthy, so attractive or so rewarding. It covers a wide array of companies, product ranges, reward plans and cultures. As the most powerful system of free enterprise, MLM continues to grow, attracting more and more people to it.

A hallmark breakthrough in the direct sales industry was the unification of the manufacturer with the marketer, affording that no disagreements or miscommunications between the two bodies would lead to a business failure.

The historical connection between multi-level marketing and nutritional products dates back over most of the 20th century, with most major product breakthroughs in the health and wellness industry being developed by MLM companies.

XanGo Founders/brothers Joe and Gordon Morton grew up in a home filled with all-natural products and health foods. Their parents were pioneers in the wellness and direct sales worlds, and their influence rubbed off on them. Joe and Gordon chose the MLM model for XanGo simply because there is no better way to educate the masses on something new than network marketing—people talking to people. XanGo has an amazing story, and the best way to tell that story is face to face. That’s what you get with network marketing. XanGo distributors act as independent contractors, but with the express advantage of owning the network. XanGo is just getting started in Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia and in this business timing is crucial have a look at the picture to understand better.

Multi-level Marketing Timing

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