In the today fast world where life style, food habits, sudden changing socio culture, reformed environment lead to see lot of coronary diseases among the countries. The risk of coronary heart disease can be known only at later ages where suddenly it attacks. Only by right precautions you can prevent this disease.

The cholesterol is of two kinds they are Low – density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein. The low density lipoprotein is often regarded as bad protein. By having this cholesterol he or she is more susceptible to the coronary diseases.

While having high density cholesterol termed as good cholesterol not harms the body. But care should be taken that both the cholesterol is of same proportion level. Since any one of the cholesterol triggers in the body may bring out adverse effect to the health of the person.

The levels of the cholesterol in the body can be measured by test from blood of the patients. The level should be in the range of 4.4 to 7.1 where in people having below 4.4 has no ill effects while person of having more than 7.1 has more ill effects of facing the heart attack.

Apart from going for a regular exercise people can also try out to follow the vegetarian kind of diets instead of non-vegetarian because it greatly reduces the hazard of higher cholesterol from the human system. People are advised to avoid the junk foods like pizza, French fries, potato chips, cookies, candy bars and cakes

The physicians cite best method in reducing the cholesterol level in the body content is to go for regular exercise and small initial calorie heat up exercises in the gymnasium. The other good way is to go for gentle walking exercise.

The doctors point out merits about having exercise which is rather good for health and can reduce the ill effect of high cholesterol. By doing the exercises it heats up the unwanted fatty substances from the body. The people are advised to go for exercise instead of consuming the medications or pills which favor in minimizing the high cholesterol levels.

Normally we get foods served from hot oven with much more fatty oils in it, instead you can very well try boiling or steaming the foods so that you get complete nutrition and also you can be free of higher cholesterol content from the body. So in modern world most of the people prefer cooking the foods through microwave. It is the best method of cooking the foods in order to get safe and quality health.

Earlier the physicians advised to drink milk for all cadres of people. They recommended that this is the best resource for good development of bones. Also it had an merit of having strong bones in the later years. But the same doctors now proclaim and advise that consuming milk products is danger for crediting the higher cholesterol content in the body. Even for children’s they advise to consume the soy and non fat milk. Consuming fruit juices, drinking lot of water are some merits in reducing the higher cholesterol hazard.

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