Words are symbols and every symbol has a corresponding image. When the two words moral and compensation are brought together, it creates an image that is foreign to the mind of the majority of the world’s population… and, for good reason. The word compensation brings to mind a business, a job, etc., and the method of compensation used by traditional business as far back as you choose to go can be described in many ways, but moral is rarely, if ever, one of them.

The word moral brings to mind something good, righteous, or lawful. The modus operandi used by the architect of the universe is lawful order. The entire universe operates in an orderly manner. Spring follows the winter… night follows the day… the tide comes in, the tide goes out… in an orderly manner… all an expression of law.

The late Dr. Wernher von Braun, grandfather of the space program, said that the laws of the universe are so precise that we do not have any difficulty building a spaceship that carries a person to the moon, and we can time the landing with precision within a fraction of a second.

One of the laws, Cause and Effect, clearly states that energy always returns to its source. Action and reaction are equal and opposite, and what you sow, you reap. The compensation method employed by the network marketing industry is in perfect harmony with the laws, and for that very reason can be described as a moral form of compensation. That being the case, you might wonder why there is such great opposition to network marketing from so many fronts. And, if you give this question sufficient thought, you will realize it represents a paradigm shift, and paradigm shifts are always opposed by the masses… even those that are liberating and promise to give people the freedom their souls seek.

There is nothing moral or just in a method of compensation that calls for one individual, which by the way is almost always a male, sitting atop an organization or an institution subjectively dictating how people should be compensated for their efforts. Conversely, there is something very moral about a form of compensation that permits people to decide for themselves what they would like to earn… especially when the system employing that form of compensation is coupled with an education program that teaches the laws that will permit them to turn their wishes and dreams into reality.

There are two forms of compensation: one is psychic, the other is material. The psychic income is the satisfaction we receive from how we spend our days. Network marketing calls for you to help another human being… truly help that human being improve the quality of their life. Albert Einstein suggested that was our only purpose in being here—to serve people. The material income should be sufficient to provide the things we want to live the way we choose.
Network marketing, for the most part, offers a person the opportunity for both.

The people I’ve observed who are successful in this industry truly love what they are doing. Once they understand the system, away they go… helping others understand it, too. That’s exactly what network marketing is all about—helping others reach their dreams!

Martin Rutte said something that fits just perfectly: “You’ve got to do it by yourself but you can’t do it alone.” I just love that. It’s almost as if he had network marketing in mind when he said that… because that’s the foundation… you can’t get ahead unless you help someone else. It offers an environment where each person is independent… you can write you own ticket… yet the strength is in the interdependence and relationships built amongst upline, downline and crossline.

In network marketing, a person can sit down and draw their own star, then go and get it. You need neither a well-crafted resume nor a degree to do well… just desire!

Although I have been working in the personal development industry worldwide for the past 35 years, I have only been seriously involved in the network marketing industry for the past decade. It’s strange, but true, that anything we don’t understand we have a tendency to criticize or ridicule, and we don’t understand anything until we can explain it to others in such a way that they understand it.

I was fortunate that I opened my mind and looked at this industry some 10 years ago, and ever since then I have been absolutely fascinated with it. For many, many years I’ve been acutely aware that the higher side of your nature and mine is always for expansion and fuller expression. We have innate desire to improve the quality of our lives. Network marketing is in perfect harmony with that side of our nature. Any structure or form of compensation that attempts to impede or confine that growth is immoral and, as such, is destined to go the way of the dinosaur. You can fight it, you can reject it, you can ignore it… but there is absolutely no way that you can stop it. The laws of the universe always prevail.

The form of compensation used by network marketing is definitely moral. By embracing it and sharing it with as many people as possible, you will be assured of a rich and rewarding future.

I strongly urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to carefully study and begin to apply The Law of Compensation to your life. The reward for doing so will amaze and delight you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson elaborated on this law in his Essay on Compensation. I will touch on it here for your benefit. The Law of Compensation clearly states the amount of money you earn will always be in exact ratio to:
1. The need for what you do
2. Your ability to do it
3. The difficulty there will be to replace you

That’s as fair and moral as it gets. You earn exactly what you’re worth. You see, with this system there is no favoritism, no nepotism and no waste. Now you are free to live the life you choose and be rewarded in a lawful manner.

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