I’ve seen several e-mails bouncing around about a former XanGo distributor who is saying that Mona Vie is collapsing and we, at XanGo, are down, and that he has found a new company that will be better. A couple of you have asked questions about it so here is my take on the subject. I have edited the inquiries to create this composite question and then I give my answer.


There is a former leader in our company who is aggressively contacting people in our downline groups – outside of his own line – trying to recruit them into another company, He is very persuasive and knowledgeable and, according to his own claims, has been in many different companies, maybe more than 40. By his own admission, he never made near as much money in any of them as he has in XanGo. But now he says our company is down in sales and he is getting into a better deal and our people need to follow him.

This is very frustrating. Is this ethical? Should he be able to contact my people? Even though he is not my upline and had nothing to do with them getting into my group? Yet if I don’t go with him I am afraid he will steal my people. Should I just give up and go with him too and so keep a part of my group together?


The person you are describing is referred to in our industry as “a predator.” This is someone who is showing no respect for your work or your group or you. He is apparently after one thing. Money. No matter how personable and friendly he may be. Don’t trust him.

Now, it is true that no company “owns” its distributors or ibo’s. They can go wherever they want, although they should respect the non compete provisions of their own contracts which they have signed or face litigation. But what you have described raises a number of serious red flags.

You say this person has been in more than 40 different networking businesses. Would you want to marry someone who had been married 40 times? How could you believe that they would have any greater commitment to this new marriage? Why do you think this person is now going to stick to this new company? And if he doesn’t stick to it, then why would you go with him?

This person has been obviously planning this move for a long time. In fact, he probably began planning it when he entered your business because somehow he got the names and apparently e-mails or addresses of your downline and you are not in his group. I assume that this is how he is contacting them right? If so, this is a ruthless violation of ethics. A true networker will respect and honor lines of sponsorship. They will respect the work you did to build a network. The people you recruit into your network are sacrosanct and should not be contacted or touched without your permission. Do you have the names and addresses of his people? Would you do that to him?

So why would you go with this person? Would you join a robber who is breaking into their neighbors’ houses just because he won their trust and got copies of their house keys? So why would you join someone who is trying to rob you and others of their downline distributors? If it is because you are afraid of losing your group then you are giving into networking extortion. Do you want to trust your future to a person engaging in a type of business blackmail? Is this the networking leader you are looking for?

You say that he claims your company is down in sales. Most networking companies are. In fact, most businesses are. So don’t panic. You must be in a good company, after all, even “a predator” who collects names and addresses from other networkers for a living can make money in it. This is a bully. Don’t give into this person. And whatever you do don’t follow him. Report their ethical violations to your company and to the DSA or any other neutral organization.

BTW, I checked out this company online. Who owns it? Who knows? What are its sales? Zero. It hasn’t launched. And apparently; this new company is a binary. Ouch. He claims that Mona Vie is falling apart, well if so it is surely partly due to the fact that it is a binary. At least IMHO. I have a couple friends in one. The first one says he has 4,000 in his downline and made zero dollars last month. His biggest month was $200. The other one tells me that he has 17,000 in his downline and makes $2,000 a month. He says that if he qualifies for the next level his upline will loose $10,000 a month in income. Ha. Welcome to a binary. Oh, excuse me, a hybrid binary.

Maybe now you can understand why I turned down a million dollars to join one and chose XanGo instead. In mlm companies that use binaries compensation plans, people at the top make money. Everybody else? Thanks for the work, pal.

When I contacted XanGo corporate with these “predator” e-mails I only got chuckles. I was told the following information. Sponsoring from May to June experienced the highest percentage increase on record since the second year of the company’s existence.

If you are new to networking, that kind of activity, in the seventh year of a networking company is rare and has always been an indicator of explosive growth. It happened to Arbonne, for example, before their great race to the top, but it is very, very rare. My last XanGo event was a rally in Green Bay which had their highest attendance ever.  These are not the signs of a collapsing company.

I also learned from a friend that “the predator” has a mother who is in the XanGo business and she is apparently earning hefty bonuses and is not leaving. Why wouldn’t she abandon her own business and join her son? If his opportunity is good enough for you and your downline to follow, why won’t he let his own mother get in? Hmmmm. Food for thought.

My advice? Wish him only the best in his new venture.  And wish his family and friends well too.  But don’t let him steal your family and your friends.  Stand up

And finally, even “the predator” qualifies his e-mails with comments about the new XanGo x51 product. There is data, there are blind tests and there are marketing numbers. And they all are good. And they will be paying full PV, not 40%, nor will they resort to some other device to steal from the field. So even the predator, in his e-mails, allows that something big may be happening there. And it hasn’t even launched yet. Ohhhh, it’s good to be in XanGo

Article by Doug Wead http://www.dougwead.biz

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