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Just sharing a few pictures with you here of some of my last vacations. I have been living in Asia since October 2005 and it’s been nothing short of a joy ride. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and get an idea of the MLM lifestyle this business opportunity  can provide, take care.

Today (July 21) was a good day as I realized another one of my dreams.

I picked up my Harley Davidson VRod Night Special from the dealer, its a sweet ride.

In Malaysia luxury cars and motorcycles are up to 300% more expensive than in the USA.

In this great MLM industry you can realize all your goals and dreams if you just hang in there and keep on working and don’t let anybody else tell you you can’t make it. Most people give up on their hopes and dreams and then try to spoil other people’s dreams as well, don’t let the dream-stealers steal your dreams.



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August 2008 – Ok, ok it has taken some time since my last post here on this page so here is a quick post of my last “vacation” in Europe which was a 6 weeks trip YEAH 6 long weeks. I never feel like am really working anyway, so calling it vacation is maybe not the right word 🙂

I spend most of the time in Germany and Spain just visiting the city SANTANDER where I spend a few years of my childhood. Santander is in the north of Spain so, even in summer it can be a bit “cold” but the air is fresh and clear compared to the hot, steaming Malaysia weather 🙂

Of course, when you travel you want to travel with style and comfort, business class

is the way to go or like my mentor Bob Proctor says the only two ways to travel are

in the back of the car or in the front of the plane:) I agree 12 hours+ seem to go by much faster in business

class then sitting in economy like a squirl:)

Of course I met up with loads of friends and celebrate, if you work hard you need to party hard 🙂

Empty beaches and kilometers of clean sand and water I Love it!

One of the Summer Residences of the Spanish King, how come he  always get the good spots 🙂

And a final picture with no comment!

Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2006 Paddock Club

Best View on the race on top of paddock lounge

Miss Malaysia 2005/2006 Emmeline Ng, she is so gorgeous 🙂



One of the most amazing things in my mlm lifestyle and something that I truly appreciate is being able to wake up early (choice) to see some of the most unbelievable sunrises. Most people still slept at that time knowing the alarm clock will go off any minute or are already at work. If you walk through life looking down you will never see the beauty above you!

Singapore 2006

Rio de Janeiro

September 2005

Bali August 2006

Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Koh Samui Thailand April 2006


Time flies and my last post here was so long ago, in the meantime, I was fortunate enough to have traveled many more beautiful places and experience a lot of wonderful things for which I am forever grateful. The MLM Lifestyle is truly a blessing, yes, it’s not always easy, but neither is working 40 + hours per week.

My Harley Davidson VRod Night Special with a new color -

My Harley Davidson VRod Night Special with a new color –

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More to come …….

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