MLM Company, MonaVie is being sued by Imagenetix Inc. for $2,750,000,000.00 (I believe that is $2.75 Billion!) in a trademark infringement lawsuit. The scary part of this is the fact that not only is MonaVie being sued, but so are a number of top leaders, including…

Dallin Larsen, Henry Marsh, Randy Larsen, Amy Cowley, John Brigham Hart, Lita Hart, Steven Merritt, Gina Merritt, Corbin Roush, Holly Roush, Charles Kalb, Deborah Kalb, Ronald Prudhomme, Brenda Prudhomme, Edward Aristizabal, Shelly Aristizabal, Brian Cattano, Jill Cattano, Matthew Curtis, Kimberly Curtis, Tina Dupart, Todd Hartog, Angelique Hartog, Rodney Howard-Browne, Adonica Howard-Browne, Mickey Karshner, Victoria Karshner, Jason Lyons, Carrie Lyons, Angel Matos, Grayson Maule, Ken Porter, Robert Robinson, Linda Robinson, Devon Robinson, Todd Smith, Stephanie Smith, Frank Soucinek, Jr, Cynthia Soucinek, Brian Thayer, Jacqueline Thayer, Bo Vanpelt, Carrie Vanpelt, Black Diamond University Inc, Darrell Utterbach, Tracy Utterbach, Joseph Licciardi, Patrice Licciardi, Andre Walton, Penny Walton, James Bellacera, Denise Bellacera, Kelly Bangert, Jillian Bangert, Eric M Gutman, Rebekah Gutman and Does 1 – 10,000, inclusive

Apparently, MonaVie (and it’s leaders) has been touting a trademarked ingredient called Celadrin without the permission of the trademark owner.

source: FPR

Culture and leadership are such a vital part of building a long term Network Marketing business and it appears as though MonaVie CEO, Dallin Larsen has sacrificed some of that for the sake of short term growth.

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