A key to Entrepreneurial Productivity is an important mindset shift. Growing up we learn the laws of cause and effect, Newton and all that. But then we get into the job world and we get programmed through habit – that when we show up and do our work, we get a paycheck.

We learn the mindset of “Do work = get paid.”

But the way to achieve huge success is to shift from focusing on work, to focus on results. That’s how you get more success. Then to go to the next level, we stop focusing on results and start focusing on creating value. And then we refine our focus even more and only spend our energy on the thing that makes the MOST possible value, and focus on that for a long period time.

It’s important that Entrepreneurs don’t have the mindset of “working for a pay check” – they’re playing a bigger game. They’re focused on creating massive results and massive value, as measured by the customer.

mindset is everything

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