Have you ever wondered why there is so much colon cancer around today? A hundred years ago it was almost unheard of; it was rare, so why not look at what has changed over those hundred years that is causing the problem. There are many useful changes one can make and they are removing some of the known causes and with the amazing self-healing powers of the immune system which we all possess the body can safely remove the cancer.

All cancers including colon cancer have 4 main causes and they are our wrong food choices, the toxic chemicals we encounter everyday, our sedentary lifestyle or our lack of exercise and lastly emotional stress or not letting go of a problem we may have. Let’s look at each one of these.

The natural foods for the human body are freshly grown fruit and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Our diets have changed vastly over the last hundred years and now days we eat mainly processed foods, including lots of meat and dairy products. All processed foods are nutritionally dead food because they are old and there is proof to that. Also most of them contain a high proportion of fat, salt or refined sugar and all those items are known contributors to cancer. Most importantly, there is a direct relationship between colon cancer and the consumption of meat because of its lack of fibre, another fact that is well known. Also cooking meat over a high temperature produces a carcinogenic substance called “heterocyclic amines” or HCAs. Cooking on barbeques or hot frypans are examples of that.

The chemicals we use everyday that are mostly from the petro-chemicals industry are all affecting our immune system. Probably the worst ones are the personal care products that we apply directly to our skin and because of its porous nature, are absorbed into our body. Not all chemicals are checked for toxicity and those that are checked, are only checked for short term effects like skin allergies, not long term problems like cancer.

Thanks to the ubiquitous motor car and other labour saving devices we don’t get the exercise we use to. The television set is also partly responsible as it forms a big part of our entertainment today. Exercise is very important because our built in repair system which is the immune system which everybody has, needs muscular activity for it to function properly.

Lastly stress can have a major impact on the human body which can bring on any cancers, not just colon cancer. My suggestion is to seek professional help if you have had a major trauma like the loss of a loved one or a personal or business crisis.

Colon cancer does not have a single cause but many contributing factors. That’s why not all big meat eaters get colon cancer. By identifying and removing many of the causes the human body can heal itself naturally and permanently.

You can only make an informed decision on your treatment if you have the information on the subject to make those decisions. The more you choose to get involved, the greater a difference you will make to the outcome of your disease. Go to Personal Experiences for great testimonials on XanGo Juice and Cancer



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