We began our sourcing audits by visiting the orchards where the mangosteens used to make XanGo Juice are harvested. While at the orchards of mangosteen trees we observe and document the overall quality of the trees and the surrounding area. While meeting with the local caretakers of the orchards, we review the watering, fertilizing and general care given to the trees throughout the year. We also take water samples from the local wells used to water the trees and test those samples to ensure no harmful pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals are present. The fruit itself is also inspected as it is harvested to maintain standards for taste, appearance, ripeness and overall quality. Fruit that meets these standards is directly transported to the facility where the fruit is prepared to become XanGo Juice.

The processing facility where the recently harvested mangosteens are taken is an impressive production plant that has meticulous processing and manufacturing standards that are upheld by quality minded managers and production workers. The building itself is immaculately maintained and it is not an exaggeration to state that this facility is better maintained and operated than most food production facilities in the US. With onsite analytical and micro labs this facility is well equipped to maintain every aspect of the mangosteen processing, yet they also have high profile third party labs perform tests and audits to ensure all production specifications and standards are met. Cleanliness and Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly adhered to and a high-end quality product is the end result.

Upon arrival at the processing facility, each fruit is hand inspected by trained individuals that remove any imperfections on the fruit. When they enter the facility the mangosteens go through three separate cleaning/sanitizing steps before they are pureed to precisely monitored particles sizes. Various in-process and finished product tests are performed to ensure specifications are met and the mangosteen puree meets XanGo’s quality standards. The approved mangosteen puree is then utilized in the final formulation of XanGo Juice, filled and sent to XanGo Distributors around the world.
Each spring, members of the Operations team at XanGo take a trip to Southeast Asia to ensure each aspect of the annual mangosteen harvest meets XanGo’s high standards for quality. In addition to the rigorous schedule we normally undergo for the mangosteen harvest, this year we also visited Malaysia to review the sourcing of one of the four ingredients in Eleviv, EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA. We would like to share some of the details that go ensure that the best ingredients are used in our unique products and the efforts XanGo makes to provide a superior experience for our Distributors.


The annual sourcing trip is always a whirlwind of flights, meetings, long drives and even longer days. But it is always worthwhile. It’s just another necessary part in bringing the best to XanGo, it’s products and each Distributor. XanGo, and our Operations team, is dedicated to being personally involved in each element of its products and continuing a close relationship with all of our partners. Keeping a close eye on every ingredient in our product is just one more aspect that makes XanGo great.

Aaron C. Sorensen, Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance: Aaron works in XanGo’s product Quality Assurance Department as the department head. He directs the day to day operations of our Quality Assurance team including adherence to quality processes, compliance of FDA regulations, auditing of global partners and Product Development team member. Aaron has an educational background in Chemistry, Material Engineering and Microbiology from Utah Valley University and the University of Utah and completed his Graduate work at Colorado Tech. University.

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