Excitement is in the air!

What better way to kick off the holy month than by overwhelming you with incredible news and promotions that are sure to prompt dancing in the streets! First off, our beloved Founder, Mr. Bryan Davis, will be in town next week hosting meetings in Singapore on the 9th and in KL from the 10-13th. Don’t miss the chance to hear the latest and greatest straight from our Founder himself.

Next up, it gives us great pleasure to announce the new promotional price of Singles now as low as SG200 and RM455! Singles can now be yours for the same great price as a case of juice and interchanged with your ADP seamlessly, so grab your Singles and watch your business boom today.

Alongside the thrilling news of new pick-up centers in Malaysia, we are equally delighted to receive the visit of our company’s CEO, Mr. Aaron Garrity and Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. John Diggles, this October and both of whom will be hosting leadership trainings and opportunity meetings. All those who qualify as paid 5Ks and above in September will be invited to a one-of-a-kind Leadership Luncheon & Training on October 8th in KL and Oct 9th in Singapore where you will receive invaluable leadership training from the hands of our CEO and CMO. The icing on the cake, later that night after the Leadership Trainings, Aaron Garrity will be conducting an Open Opportunity Meeting where you can bring all your invited guests and prospects to hear the XanGo dream delivered by the CEO himself! Special guest speaker Sherman Unkefer (500K) will also be on hand to help recognize and pay tribute to our local leaders and the record-breaking phenomenon that is XanGo SE Asia.

Last but not least, don’t forget Convention Overdrive 2008 is just around the corner on Nov 5th-8th in Utah, USA. Snag your visas, dust off your luggage, and join your local leaders and friends as we voyage in force to represent XanGo SE Asia in the US where we’ll witness firsthand the launch of the highly anticipated new XanGo products!

September is the first month of many where good news galore is just too much to not shout about! Grab your Singles, get qualified, and ready yourselves as we prepare to blow the doors off Malaysia and Singapore!

* Bryan Davis (Founder) in Singapore on Tuesday Sept 9th
* Open Meeting with Bryan Davis in KL Office: Wed, Sept 10th from 8-9:30pm
* XanGo Singles new promotional price is: Pick-Up: RM455 (SG200) and Delivery: RM465 (SG210)
* All paid 5K’s and above achieved in September qualify for the Leadership Luncheon and Training in October conducted by CEO, Aaron
Garrity and CMO, John Diggles.
* Leadership Luncheon & Training: Oct 8th at 1pm-4pm in KL, and Oct 9th from 5pm-7pm in Singapore.
* Open Opportunity Meeting by Aaron Garrity, John Diggles, & Sherman Unkefer: Oct 8th from 8pm-10pm in KL, & Oct 9th from 8-10pm in Singapore.

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Its Go Time!

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