Cancer is a disease that has been existing throughout the history. To the opposite of what people believe cancer is not a new condition. In fact the earliest report of the disease can be observed back to 1500 BC and was registered on papyrus. Scientist has since then progressed a lot but has yet to make a significant discovery in order to devise a treatment for all sorts of cancer. Presently only some cancers can be cured successfully. Treatment for cancer includes surgical operation and chemotherapy in order to remove the infectious cells from the body. In reality the choice of the treatment will all reckon on the location of the disease and the level of advancement of the disease. Unfortunately it is very difficult to tell what the are the causes of cancer right now. There are cancers that are due to contact with chemicals while there are others that can be due to bacterial infections. Some cancers can also be genetic although it is rather rare. Held that we do not know exactly what the causes of cancer are, it can be problematic to protect ourselves. There is a school of thought that claims that alteration to the lifestyle can prevent cancer. Some individuals believe that obesity can have a relationship with cancer. This is the major reason why individuals prefer to consume organic food in order to reduce the risk of cancer. What is certain nevertheless is that diminshing exposition to carcinogens can have some protecting effects from the disease.

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