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We have recently seen in the news increasing media coverage about ethical lapses in the corporate world, even among some companies in our great industry. These breaches include incorrect product labeling, false product advertising and safety concerns with products – and even company executives who have inflated their resumes.

I have stated in meetings all over the world, that I believe the quality of our Distributors at XanGo is a direct result of the quality that we have at the very top o f our company. When I listen to these media reports, I have had the thought, as a XanGo leader, that it’s great to know we work with a highly reputable company which is leading the industry in promoting and protecting our interests to build our own XanGo organizations.

Some examples that come to my mind are these:
· XanGo is being led by a very strong team of founders and executives who are skilled and knowledgeable about our business and this industry and who are committed to responsible and ethical business practices. I have known many of them for years and can personally vouch for their personal integrity – in fact, this is one of the key reasons why I left my corporate J.O.B. to become a XanGo Distributor.
· XanGo® Juice is a category creator and a very clear market leader – a premium product that delivers on its promises – something we can stand by.
· XanGo is a company that has built a reputable, global brand. Unlike so many other products, XanGo looks and tastes the same all over the world because it is a true global brand.
· XanGo is committed to product labeling that truthfully represents what consumers receive upon consumption.
· XanGo is a company that is leading the way to product validation through credible, third-party scientific research. I don’t personally know of any other company in our industry that has so ma n y medical professionals consistently using and endorsing our product.
· XanGo is committed to being a leader in the industry to educate lawmakers and protect our rights to pursue our XanGo business interests.
· XanGo collaborates with other direct selling, network marketing and natural product companies to organize lobbying days and other initiatives on our behalf.
· XanGo is a company that continues to provide business opportunities that are unlimited, with an extremely competitive compensation plan that has never changed since day #1.

We are all privileged to be part of a fantastic XanGo movement that is affecting lives worldwide through the XanGo business opportunity, health and wellness products and global philanthropy. I feel privileged to be associated with such a high quality group as our XanGo Distributors and Corporate Leaders!


Francisco X1Concept Founder

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